"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Monday, September 8, 2014


I am not sure what to say! I am so heartbroken but I know that this is the right thing and it is time for me to go home. I have just had so much peace since I realized what needed to happen and I have truly felt the acceptance of the Lord. I know he has accepted my labor as I have served with my heart might mind and strength. I have given it my all and I really have nothing left to give. I have truly loved my mission. It has changed my life. The person that will get off the plane is not the same person that left. I am so grateful my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the love I feel from the Savior, the mission and those I have served. I can't even imagine or believe how blessed I am. The last few days I have been going through pictures and journals and wow I am just blown away by how amazing this adventure has been. This is truly the work of the Lord. I love this quote "Christ changes men and changed men can change the world." Christ has changed me and now its time for me to change the world. I am going to have to come home and rest for a while until I start getting better but after that its time to take off into an amazing new life. On our missions, we are reborn. If we let the atonement work inside of us, we become born of God as Alma the Younger says. On Friday night I prayed to know if this is really the right thing and I was thinking about Bob and Grandpa and what they would think about me going home early- if I was giving up. And all the sudden I heard this voice that said "we are so proud of you" and then into my head popped the image of Joseph Smith with Heavenly Father and Christ looking down on him. I knew it that instant that its time for me to go home, my work is done and I have made my Father proud. I am so  grateful for everything I have experienced since I have been out. I am grateful for all the trials and at times the fiery furnace that has strengthened my testimony and taught me to rely on the Spirit. I want you all to know I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior and I know without a doubt that this is His church and His work. I have loved to wear His name on my chest for the last 16 months, but his name will be on my heart for the rest of my life. Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to find true happiness and peace. There is a contentment in living the Gospel that we can't find anywhere else.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support and love and I will see you soon :)

Hermana Fischetti

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey family! It has been a CRAZYYY WEEKKKKKKKKK. first off- today i will be seeing another doctor to get a second opinion, also ive been seeing a member here that has been treating me with doterra oils. I am not sure if its working but it smells great! Doterra is the best I am totally sold on their cleaning products. Wednesday and Saturday I had really bad days I was in a lot of pain and extremely nauseous to the point i couldn't really do anything. So that makes me feel like it really just depends what i eat, chocolate, coconut, tomatoes, and dairy absolutely kill me. So I will discuss that with the doctor. Also yesterday we went shopping and I picked up a new skirt and sweater for when I get home, all of j crew was 50% and i couldnt resist :) im sorrryyy also target right now has long pencil skirts so I got a new one to freshen up my closet. My clothes are really starting to come apart but dont buy me anythign what I have will work. On Friday we went to the temple visitors center with a returning less active. It was an incredible experience. It is amazing to watch her change and her faith in the Lord. She is an example to us all. I feel so blessed to be behind the scenes and watch the incredible progress of people who allow the Atonement to work in their hearts. On Saturday night we began a zone fast to be able to set baptismal dates, it was really special. Our Zone leaders are the best I have had in my mission and I feel so blessed to have them here in Livermore. They are really leading us so well and are so consecrated it is amazing. Also on sat man it was a crazy night. A drunk man asked us to marry him. Then this really sketchy homeless guy was just sketchy so we had to run from the apartment complex to our car haha and on our way this old investigator named "crazy heidi" stopped us. It was a spooky night. Also on sunday oh gosh the funniest but worst thing happened. We go sing at this retirement home on sundays and we always sing to this one man, and sometimes he sings along with us- I don't know what happened but when he started singing we got the giggles and couldn't stop. It was terrible!! haha we have been giggling ever since. This week is titled "D&C4 week" we have made a ton of goals to help us be more consecrated so please pray for us that we can do it! It is going to be hard but we are already seeing crazy miracles. Like this family who I never thought in a million years would come to church again, asked for work off on sundays and is working on becoming active again...... seriously a gigantic earth shattering miracle. Also last night we found our investigator who has been MIA for like 2 months and set up an appt for friday... yay!

Otherwise life is going pretty great. Training can be tough at times but it is also super rewarding and I know that we are being blessed so much right now.

Yesterday a member video taped us bearing our testimonies, you can watch it here and share it with everyone!!!!!
Also if anyone is looknig for new scripture marking pens, staedler fine points they are amazinggg

I love you all so much have a great week!

Hermana Fischetti

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi family!

What an exciting week it has been. Sister Richman left on Tuesday morning which was heartbreaking and we miss her a lot. But I know she is performing miracles for the Lord at home now and thats where she is needed. I guess our missions have to end sometime... Haha on tuesday the funniest thing happened. Sister Escobedo and I were sitting in the car doing something and all the sudden this guy knocks on our window and i jumped it was so creepy but then i roll down the window and he said hey can i have one of your books? turns out he has been to church in tracy (about 30 mins from livermore) before and now he is our new investigator!! he is pretty sketchy and last night we saw him and i think we caught him in the middle of committing a crime but oh well the atonement works on everyone! hopefully he will come to church this next sunday and can begin to progress. a lot of great work is going on here but its been getting really frustrating because we have so much faith and are working so hard, and we have soooo many investigators that are ready to get baptized but they aren't willing to give up the traditions of their fathers or aren't willing to commit to church or something or other. its really tough when you watch people receive answers and feel the Spirit but use their agency to not act. But we are giving it all 100% and praying with all faith. I know this is the Lords work and He will make miracles happen in his way. I am grateful to just be his instrument and work hard. We have a new companion Sister Baldarree she is fresh from the MTC and she is awesome. I really love her. She is full of fire and energy. We are working super hard and being really diligent. Miracles are just around the corner, I know it. Mom you never sent me your final project for that class- I really want to read it!! Otherwise life is really great. We had a fun zone breakfast saturday morning. I am really excited about the new missionaries in our zone its going to be awesome. Everyone is really pumped up and ready to work hard. We are going to see miracles!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much and am so grateful for your prayers. I can feel of their strength. Congratulations Dad on your new calling- you are going to be great!! I am so happy for you!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Fischetti

"Christ changes men and changed men can change the world." -Pres Benson

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey family!

Wow its been an interesting week! So many miracles literally. So on Tuesday I had my CT scan and I was really nervous, I had to drink this disgusting thing like half a gallon of it and then get an IV which wasn't fun. Then after the test the radiologist was super negative about my test and kept talking about ulcers and stuff. I was pretty stressed because the doctor had been kind of negative too. I started talking to Sis Mella a little more seriously about going home and figuring things out. Then on Wednesday night I prayed to know what to do. And I felt so strongly that the choice was mine- if I went home it would be okay and I would have laid it all out on the field, but if I wanted to stay out I would be strengthened and receive the help I need to finish. I made the decision to stay out and literally within 24 hours I started getting better, and the doctor was like your stomach is totally fine no ulcers and the inflammation is gone- actually a miracle. Prayers really were answered. So now I am on the fast track to hard work and finishing strong. I am really excited. I know this is what I am supposed to do and I don't want to hold anything back. Then on Friday night we has the Perez-Pinedas over for dinner at the Mellas. I thought my heart was going to burst with love. I was inside washing the dishes looking out the kitchen window as the families talked and laughed. It was magical and President is going to help them with the legal issues and they are going to get baptized. I dont know when, but they will!! Then Saturday morning our investigator Daya got baptized YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYy It was the best. The Spirit was truly incredible and everyone was crying. Haha shes crazy though before she went in the font we said a prayer at the top of the stairs and she was like" Heavenly Father I am so grateful for tacos" hahahaha shes funny. THEN saturday night I went to stake conference in Monterey with the Mellas. OH MY GOSH! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see all the people I love so much. When I walked in all these families come said hi and hugged me and I literally felt like I was going to die of joy. I LOVE SEASIDE. It was so refreshing and filling to see the progress of less actives and I just soaked it all in. It was a very very tender mercy and I loved it. If I could write in this email how grateful I am I would, but its impossible. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for my mission, this gospel and our Savior. I love it. This really is the best time happiest time of my entire life. This is His work, and because of that He fills us with his love and joy. There is truly nothing better on earth.

Love you all!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey family!

It has been an interesting week! Just a catch up with everything- I am currently staying at the Mella's as of Wednesday. I have been trying to rest a lot, which is really hard because I am not used to resting and my mind is always turning a million miles an hour. But I am doing my best really. It has been fun I really love the Mellas. Sister Mella is really awesome she is my adoptive mom- she is taking really good care of me. So on tuesday I began having a really intense pain at the bottom of my ribcage which the doctor is concerned about- so I will be getting a CT scan later this week, it is approved through both insurances- whatever ours doesn't cover, mission medical will. The pain has subsided but it comes back once in a while so we are just getting it checked to be safe. I am doing okay but am super nauseous all the time. So that is hard. Luckily, I haven't thrown up in 7 days so that is actually a huge miracle. I am losing quite a bit of weight and I feel like I look like a zombie. It is okay though. I know whether I get better this week or not I have left it all on the field with nothing left to give. If I get to go back to work I will be overjoyed and give the next 3 months my absolute all. If not, I know the Lord has accepted my work and I have given it all of my heart might mind and strength for these last 15 months. It has been hard being in this limbo place but I feel so grateful for the Mellas to find a solution. It has been really great. Last night we had an awesome musical fireside. It was seriously such a success I can't even believe it. The music was absolutely stunning, tons of people came and lots of our investigators were there. The Spirit was SO strong. Seriously- wow. It was amazing I wish everyone could have been there to witness the power in the room. As I was listening the Spirit just washed over me and I knew the Lord had accepted our work and consecration and that it was exactly what He wanted for Livermore. I know miracles are going to come from it and I am so excited. Hopefully this saturday two of our investigators- Daya and Eduardo will be baptized, please pray for them! They are incredible. Otherwise there really isn't much to report on because I spoke to you on tuesday. Don't worry too much about me, I trust the Lord and know that whatever happens is part of a bigger plan that I am not aware of yet. I love this work, I love it with my whole heart. I feel so incredibly blessed to serve our Savior. I can feel of His love everyday and I am so grateful to be able to share that with others. I want you all to know that I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ restored again on the earth. I know He is our Savior and it is only through him and by him that we can live with our families forever. I testify that His atoning blood can cleanse us and sanctify us so we can stand before Him with clean hands and a pure heart. 

Thank you for all your support and prayers and love. I love you all SO MUCH!
Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello family!

Congratulations thomas I can't believe you are home!! So exciting but so surreal- I feel like you just left. What is your new email? The pictures made me so happy. Glad to see Tracy could come too thats awesome! It has been a crazy week with leadership council, sick companion, and the crazy amount of work to do but its been awesome. Wow we had the coolest experience with a less active family this week. Sister Escobedo had felt prompted that we needed to visit them, but we had an absolutely crazy schedule that day so it just slipped her mind. Then that night we went to the family history library so I could prepare to train on it. And I guess the LA family called the church and was like we need the missionaries to come! (that never happens) They had lost our number and had driven all over town to try and track us down with no success. They are new to the area. But we called them after and they told us they want to have a better relationship and becoming fully active in the Gospel again. Then they both came to church on sunday. It was truly miraculous. Incredible spiritual experiences. We had a really great lesson with our investigator Leticia. I was convinced she was going to come to church but she didnt.Oh well next week. She is really awesome and has a really special light in her eyes. Only 2 weeks left in the transfer I can't believe it. This Sunday is our musical fireside please all pray that lots of people will come!! 2 weeks left in the transfer- I can't believe how fast time is flying. It has been so hard, probably the most trying time of my mission but I know we can push it to the finish line. Hopefully at the end of this transfer I will be released as an STL and can just focus on the mocho branch. We will see what happens. Love you all!!

Hermana Fischetti

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hey family!

Our biggest miracle this week came from our new service project. Every year several churches in livermore and buy 500-800 backpacks for children who can't afford them for the fall. It is an AWESOME project. And we were asked to do make all the phone calls for spanish families in livermore. Do you know what that means? We have the phone numbers of like 60% of the spanish population here. It is incredible. We have already found 2 new family investigators from it and many more potentials. It has been lifechanging. The best part too is that its 105 degrees here and we get to sit in the a/c and make phone calls and teach people. Life changing. We feel SO blessed everyday we just like cry with joy when we get to do it. Another huge miracle happened yesterday after church. We had an appointment with a new investigator that we met at Subway on Thursday. He had light shining out of his eyes and we know he is prepared. We went to teach him but he didn't answer the door. As we walked down the steps we started talking to his neighbor Rosa. At first she was so closed off and then we showed her the BOM and all the sudden she just opened up and was like I have always wondered what that book is- it gives me so much curiousity. I can't wait to keep teaching her. Then as we were teaching her Oscar the subway guy came and found us and he was like I want you to teach my whole family but they aren't home can you come back on wednesday! It was crazy. So many miracles. The Lord is just abundantly pouring down blessings on us.

Funny thing: we taught a lesson to our investigator Jaspreet, she is from India. This week she said "I believed in God until I crashed my car" hahhaha she is very funny. She accidently slammed on the gas (I dont know how) and drove her car into a house. It was crazy. Shes great though.

Also this week I found another generation on Grammys side from Nanny. You can check it out- Ill keep working on it little by little.

On Sunday we were driving in the car and we were talking and I came to this realization. My whole life I thought that I was a member of the church because if I endured my trials well and got through this really hard life I would be exalted and be happy forever after I died. And that we as members of the church were the ones that got that. But on my mission I have realized that that is really incorrect. The Lord is so merciful and we will be surprised how merciful He is. But, the blessings of the Gospel are really actually in this life. the peace and joy and happiness we have because we live the commandments is something no one else has. we are so blessed HERE right here right now. regardless of our trials we have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to help us get through them. I feel that most everyone will have access to the blessings of the Gospel in the next life, but we are so blessed because we get it here. I dont know maybe that doesn't sound like a big revelation but it was really big for me haha

Thank you for everything. I got the cookies after email last week they were a little old but still delicious so thank you so much. And mom thank you SO much for that letter it came at the perfect time of a stress attack so thank you! It was awesome and I will be sending you a letter today. Dont worry I am doing okay we just have a lot on our shoulders right now. I know we can do its just crazy.

Love you all so much!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey family!! This might be short because I am really running out of time! It has been a crazy week filled with lots of miracles, blessings, challenges, and exhaustion. Not sure where to even begin. First some housekeeping. PLEASE thank Sis Medford for the wonderful package. It came when I really needed something and it was a miracle from above. Thank her a million times from me please. With housing in Provo- I am easy to please now, I am happy to share a room with Sis Reid. No problem. It might be easiest to wait and buy girls contracts who are getting married but thats a huge risk not sure if we are willing to take it. Pretty much any place south of campus thats not liberty square i am happy to live at. NO LIBERTY SQUARE. We could try Santa Barbara again that place was pretty great. Enclave village, the isles, CONDO ROW, pretty much anywhere south of campus is fine with me. oh i love where nick stevens lived i cant remember the name- ask michael or grayson they will know what im talking about. its a great place. brooke will also get in touch with you and help out. I really am easy going and I know Sis Reids mom has great taste so just trust her to make the right choice.

Right now Sis Richman and I are pretty overwhelmed but I know that we can make it through with the help of the Lord. One of the sisters had to go home so we are now covering 2 english wards on top of our branch. We were already at the busiest time of our missions so its a little stressful. We are still kind of sick- I throw up a lot and Sis Richmans stomach hurts really bad all the time. But we are taking the wormwood and I think we are improving day by day so we will be okay. We might go see a doctor this week not sure. But dont worry I am doing great. I am stressed so I could really use some homemade letters from home. Just a letter would be great during the week thank you. We had a huge miracle from our investigator Martina this week- she said the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard in my whole life and her and her boyfriend are working on getting married. Its beautiful shes so wonderful. Also our investigator Sonia moved to modesto but we got news that she was baptized on Saturday. It was VERY exciting- we are thrilled for them. Our investigator Rocio is progressing so well and hopefully she will be baptized in the month of August. Sis Richman had a great conversation with our investigator Patti (she has been investigating for 2 years, comes to church every sunday and knows the church is true read the bom, but wont get baptized because she loves the virgin mary and doesnt want to give up worshiping her... any advice) and we think she might be moving towards baptism. That is super exciting. I will sob like a baby at her baptism haha. We are NEVER EATING PORK AGAIN! I am seriously becoming a vegetarian after the mission. I hate meat haha. Mom, could you go on amazon and find us an inexpensive bag of chia seeds and a lean vanilla flavored protein powder and send it to us? Ok thanks. Green smoothies for life- we are addicts haha The work is so great life is so great. I am way in over my head but luckily I have the Lord to pull me out! Somehow its all going to piece together perfectly- I know there is a reason for all this. I am pretty sure the reason we got sick was so our bodies could rest and get ready for this! Sounds like you are all doing so great and I cant wait to see all the pics from Thomas coming home. I really cant believe it it is sooooooooo surreal. I feel like he just left! hopefully I can measure up to half the missionary he is when I get off the plane! Love you all and have a wonderful week!

Hermana Fischetti

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey family!!

Don't worry we are on the road to a full recovery. One of the elders was also really sick and he went to a doctor that told him we have a bacteria that deteriorates muscles. Not sure what that means but my body does. I really think it is just a parasite but we have the wormwood and we will be better in no time. It has been tough because we are totally exhausted with no energy and feel sick all the time but the works moving forward and we are still seeing tons of miracles. Satan is working on us really hard right now but I know its just because big stuff is coming up. We set another date this week with our investigator Dulce which is exciting. We really are going to baptize 6 people this transfer. We had a great meeting with the stake missionary council yesterday and the stake is really working so hard and I know if we can get our missionaries working hard then crazy miracles are going to happen. Life is great here in livermore. We are having a lot of struggles in the zone right now with obedience, working hard and being nice. We have an elder in our zone thats just stirring the pot and making life pretty tough on everyone. I am not sure why or whats going on but hopefully we will see some changes. It has been wearing to be around everyone lately so me and sister richman are just working super hard and doing our own thing. I really love her. She is an incredible example of obedience strength and love. She works crazy hard but is so good at loving missionaries that don't. I don't know how she does it because I just get frustrated but I know the Lord put me with her so I can learn. I love her and wish I could serve the rest of my mission with her. Saturday night we had the coolest lesson with our investigator Martina. She is incredible. We were teaching her the restoration again and she just was like hermanas I know this is the only true church I want to be baptized. It was incredible. The spirit was so strong but I was also just kind of dumbfounded. She needs to get married before baptism so hopefully we can arrange that this week and she can get baptized next saturday. Please pray for us on Wednesday because we will be teaching her husbandboyfriend.

Well I love you all so much! Keep up the good work!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, July 7, 2014

hey family! this has been an interesting week. we've had a crazy amount of miracles I can't even believe it. First we got to meet our new mission president he is great. Then we took our investigator eduardo to the temple and set a date for aug 16. We are thrilled. His sister is also planning on getting baptized the same day. Hopefully we can get his parents on board too. It is very exciting. Also we had F I V E investigators at church. AND WE WERENT EVEN THERE! it was incredible. we are seeing tons of progression and lots of miracles. i feel so blessed. i can't really say more because i feel sick but i will talk to you later.

hermana fischetti

Monday, June 30, 2014

YAY! What a CRAZY AWESOME WEEK!! Seriously it was incredible. First off biggest miracle. On wednesday we were on exchanges and it was kind of tough and I was focused on the sister so I forgot to confirm dinner, I felt sooo bad because none of us have any money especially the elders and it was the end of the month. So we all went to in n out because its the cheapest place in livermore, and when we were driving over i was thinking in my head Heavenly Father please put money in the elders accounts and the other sisters accounts they don't have money for dinner! I was thinking about covering it but I hadn't deposited my birthday checks so I didn't know how much was in my account. Then when we walked in a member walks up to us and was like missionaries I got you get whatever you want! It was seriously the biggest miracle I almost started to cry. I know it seems silly but I just felt so grateful that Heavenly Father answered my plea for help.

So our zone currently has the lowest numbers, lowest morale with the worst attitudes for a while. When I first got here I was super excited to be here and do the work, but still the tone of the zone hadn't picked up at all. So last week sister richman and I just started going crazy- fasting and praying like crazy and doing everything we could to find referrals. We met with the sisters and got them pumped up but the elders were dragging their feet. So we called in the big guns and our 4 heaven sent APs came in for a day to blow our zone up. They came and we made a zone goal to find 8 new investigators that day for the zone, and not only did we meet it we doubled it plus some. We found 19 new investigators in one day for the zone. It was incredible. Now everyone is super pumped up and happy and ready to take on the world. This week our numbers were some of the highest in the mission. Right now we have the best APs san jose mission has ever seen. Thursday was the day they came up and we just saw soooo many miracles. We found 3 new investigators- 2 of them are now progressing and reading the book of mormon. Then one of those new investigators is sisters with a former, and she sat in our lesson and is now investigating again and we set a baptismal date with her! It was incredible.

Then on Sunday our branch did a mini MTC! It was SOOO fun, a lot of planning and sleepless nights but it totally paid off. We showed videos, did roleplays, had everyone sign book of mormons to hand out, taught them how to use pass along cards. Then a RM bore his testimony about referrals and the branch got so excited and then our branch president spoke and I almost cried it was so good. He showed a picture of him as a missionary and talked about the joy of bringing people to Christ. Wow it was the most spiritual sunday of my mission. A huge success and we are really winning over the love of our ramanita!!

This week our beloved mission president went home :( It was so hard to say goodbye to President and Sister Watkins, many tears have been shed but I can't wait to visit them in Hawaii after the mission, so all is well.

Love you all lots and lots!!

Hermana Fischetti


Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey family!!

It was a great week with a lot of time spent with my head in a cake. It was a blast. On Pday we played soccer and the elders brought a cake and then put my face in it. Then at dinner the members did the same thing it was so fun. I am finally fully initiated into latino culture. It was a tough week but a good one. A family we were teaching dropped us and it was really heartbreaking. We are sad but its ok because we know the Lord is preparing more people for us. Also our investigator that wants to get baptized is moving to Modesto today. So thats also a pretty big bummer. We had interviews with President which was exactly what I needed. I have officially decided no looking back that I will be going back to BYU for the winter semester. So I still want to intern for the lady that Bob Martin referred, but I will plan on doing that next summer and I can apply once I get home. I feel good and President helped me with some of my fears of going back to school. I need to get some plans in place but otherwise things will be great. I am going to try applying to be an MTC teacher but if that doesn't work out I will figure something out. Please please please find me a job in new york for the in between job. ill clean toilets but i will not baby sit!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise all talk of going home is done until im with you in person.

Otherwise the work is moving forward. I absolutely detest being an STL and have had to make some tough calls this week- I think we both feel a little drained spiritually and emotionally so hopefully this week will be full of miracles and joy. One funny thing that happened this week. We had a branch party friday night to celebrate fathers day and a member showed up who is a little crazy and started trashing americans and saying that Hugo Chavez is a god. We were just laughing but THEN he called sister richman fat. And I couldn't control myself I was like Ramon you have to respect us and our culture!! Well I guess he got super offended he told me later that He was not my brother and he told the elders to tell us we are not friends. It was very funny because he does this all the time. Luckily he apologized last night and the drama is behind us but oh gosh it was just so silly. We had 3 investigators at church yesterday which was so awesome. Hopefully Dya and her brother Eduardo will be baptized on July 5. We will see because Eduardo likes going to another church because they play soccer and eat pizza instead of having worship services. Kind of hard to compete with that. Oh well the work goes on love you all lots and lots!! Pray for us and pray for miracles in livermore!

Hermana Fischetti

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello! Thank you for all the birthday wishes its been a great day so far!!!!!! Thank you family for a great birthday package i loved all the fun stuff! life is the same here in livermore we had a great week and have all healed from the flu. Such a miracle. This weekend in town was the yearly rodeo which is actually a huge deal and no one is home so we went there to see if there was service. We ended up volunteering at the ticket booth and got to meet hundreds of people. It was the most successful service ever. And we got invited to the after party! woo hoo too bad we had way better plans! it was really fun. i love service. but it made me realize really how separated we are from the world as missionaries and how little i want to go back to it. i really am a new person, i dont laugh at the same jokes, or wear the same things, or think the same movies or music are cool. it will be weird to go home and really figure out who i am again.

One funny thing on tuesday we were at sis richmans dr appt. luckily she only has mewds an eye infection and not cancer. lots of prayer and fasting. but i was sitting out in the lobby and started talking to this guy whos actually a billionaire and is best friends with michael jacksons family. it was nuts he showed me pictures of him in people magazine. he was a big bragger but it was still pretty crazy.

On friday we had the best day ever. We taught a lesson to our investigator sonia with her niece who is a member. the Spirit was so strong and she cried while she prayed. She is totally going to get baptized. Then I got to see Mark and Dalana that was great!! Then we taught such a powerful lesson to our investigator at a members house the elders were there too and the spirit was crazy. We have such powerful missionaries in this zone.

mom can you get in touch with sister reids mom, so we can figure out a place to live at byu? her name is nan reid. i would like to live at the enclave but you can look into places. im looking in to working at the mtc too when i go back to provo, its a well paid job and 20 hours a week. it will also help me keep up my spanish.

ok love you lots!! have a great week
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, June 9, 2014

hello!!! for my birthday i could really use some lotion and toothpaste. i dont need too much. actually nothing really maybe a filtered water bottle. this week has been crazy. first we have been sick and the flu is destroying us. its been kind of frustrating because we cant get as much work done and we will feel awful, but thats ok.

miracles that happened this week: melanie our 9 year old investigator who is the sassiest girl ever born came to church!!!!!!!! she even wore a skirt and was waiting for us when we came. that was a miracle. i cant even explain how miraculous it was. then on saturday we went to contact a potential, he didn't live there but we met this awesome kid named juan that is so prepared to hear the gospel. he had light shining out of his eyes and is really excited to read the book of mormon. we are pumped about teaching him. my companion is so awesome i just love her she is my best friend and we are going to see so many miracles because we work together so well. also on thursday our president got like 6000 in coupons to new york and company and gave them to the stls to pass out so we took all our sisters on a shopping spree!!!! it was so fun. i got a really cute new skirt. it was a blast and hopefully it motivated the sisters to get back into action. our zone is sooooo slow only 4 baptisms for the year. its crazy. on saturday we went to this walmart and all the sudden millions of bugs attacked us. seriously our car everything was infested, it was the grossest thing of my entire life.

i love my area i love my companion i love my mission!

ok gotta run love you lots!!!

hermana fischetti

Monday, June 2, 2014

Wow what a week! I LOVE LIVERMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously this place is heaven on earth its a small town in the middle of no where and its absolutely fantastic. We have been seeing crazy amounts of miracles. The Lord just knows exactly where we need to be and this is it. My companions name is Sister Richman and I love her. Seriously she is the best. We work really well together and she loves to work hard. So its been fantastic. We have super high goals but know that we are going to reach them. We serve in a spanish branch called Mocho and its so cute sheesh i just love it so much already. Our WML Hermano Zarco- is the most Christ like man on earth. He knows everyone on the ward list and visits them regularly. They don't have a car so he bikes like 5 miles to get to church with his 5 kids and goes with us to appts on his bike. He is truly incredible. The branch is seeing a ton of less actives return right now which is awesome. We found a new investigator this week named Patti- we were going to visit a potential and contacted her at the apartment complex. She was like oh yes please come in! So we taught her and the Spirit was super strong. After church on Sunday we visited her and she actually read the book of mormon!! it was a miracle. She said she is going to come to church as soon as her morning sickness is gone and is searching for the truth. Shes awesome and totally going to get baptized.

I am just really happy to be here. I had been really stressed out about what to do after my mission and a bunch of different things but being thrown into a new environment has really helped me. Satan was just trying to get me down and be less productive. On Friday we were at MLC and I felt the Spirit just teach me that I need to focus on the here and now there is SO much work to do in Livermore and with the sisters here. So, when it comes to going home I just don't want to think or talk or worry about it anymore. I am going to plan on going back to BYU because its the simplest thing to do in January unless some kind of internship happens. If you can just try to find me a job at home for nov and dec that would be great. I dont want to have time to get lazy.

On Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays we get to do zumba with a bunch of the women in our branch and in the english wards. It is SO MUCH FUN. oh gosh mom we will have to do it when i get back. im going to be in the best shape of my life when we get home. on MWF we play basketball from 6-7 and zumba from 9-10 and on tues nights we play soccer saturdays dodgeball. we are very active. so life is great im great the work is great i love it!!! love you all lots and lots!

hermana fischetti

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello Family!!

Wow what a week. I finished my time in Yerba Buena, which was heartbreaking to say good bye to all the people I have come to love so much. The change has definitely been stressful BUT I am serving in Livermore! The top of our mission- unexpected but I am very excited. It is going to be an awesome adventure. We have a cute little branch called the Mocho Branch and its kind of like spanish heaven. This week has certainly been an adventure. We started teaching a new family in YB so I was sad to leave that but I am excited for the sisters to baptize them. Lots of good things are happening there. We went to Monterey, had an interesting adventure involving a million hours of traffic but it was still great. I am just super excited to be here in Livermore. It is going to be an awesome adventure.

I am a little tired and should probably get running. I love you all so much and I will write a much better letter next week. Mom I sent you my address hope that works love you!

hermana fischetti

Monday, May 19, 2014

What a week I am not sure even where to begin. This has been the toughest week of my mission, most of the families I have loved and taught since I have been in this area have faced significant trials and I feel like we were run over by a train several times. It has been tough. But at the same time absolutely wonderful because we had zone conference and sisters retreat and i just can't figure out how to balance all of my feelings! 

The week started out pretty tough on monday night with a lesson with an investigator. She is stuck right now pretty deep in addictions to drugs. She was trying to change but has relapsed and has no desire to be baptized anymore. It was really heartbreaking because I have been teaching her for a long time and we were planning on her being baptized this upcoming Saturday. Then on Thursday it was like a bomb went off. One of my most beloved families is facing severe marital problems and its been heartbreaking. Seriously I haven't cried so much in my whole life! We have been working on them getting baptized and then sealed in the temple but for now all that is down the drain. It has been hard especially because the ward isn't doing anything. Then another one of our families was in and out of the hospital and a lot of other stuff going on. And the list just goes on and on. It was definitely a tough day. But it has brought a lot of good because we have finally realized how little our ward is doing and how much more they need to get involved. We had an intense ward counsel where we definitely lit some people on fire and things are going to start changing. The Bishopric is behind us 100% along with the key members of the ward so all is going to get better. So even though its been hard it had to happen for a reason so miracles can start happening in our area. I am sad to leave at this time but I know I have given it my very best and the sisters who are here are going to keep things going.  Luckily, one of our investigator families is still doing super well and brought their brother and sister in law recently from Mexico to church! It was awesome and they are super solid. We are excited to start teaching them on Thursday. One funny thing that happened was everything that happened in church on sunday. the highlight was in relief society we were talking about the Book of Mormon and all of the sudden this hermana just starts talking about how she dreamed there are computers and heaven and she was just so firm "I KNOW THERE ARE COMPUTERS IN HEAVEN" hahahahahahahahaha her and this other hermana got in an argument about it classic spanish ward. oh man yeah so theres this group of hermanas who just get together and talk about their prophetic dreams and then they all share their experiences on fast sunday. its hysterical but our investigators always get super weirded out so there is always a mess to clean up. The joys of being a missionary. Otherwise that is pretty much it. Please pray for us and please tell the sisters to do their visiting teaching. 

That is about it love you all lots. This is my last week in yerba buena, next monday I won't email. So next time I email I will be in my new area!!!

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello family! 

I have a cute picture I wanted to send you but I lost my darn camera cord and my closet is a disaster. 911 emergency calling in all help. haha jk wish i could have you come organize our room mom! we are super clean, but we have been so busy that things are just kind of disorganized. im going a little crazy and might end up just throwing everything out. just kidding but a little serious. 

This weekend was so frustrating because its cinco de mayo today (feliz cinco de mayo) and everyone is carrying around mexican flags and are very drunk. so its hard to be safe and share the Gospel, but we are getting by and doing our best. I can't wait for you to come visit my mission and for dad to freak out about how dangerous the neighborhood we serve in haha. it reminds me of those times growing up we'd take the long way to the city so we wouldn't drive through certain areas... i work in those certain areas. But its awesome and we are super careful and i love it so so so much. 

This week we met with a less active man that told us he was forced to get baptized because he has a personality trait that will not allow him to say no. It was very funny I'm laughing just thinking about it. Then it was 100 for 3 days this week which was an adventure. I love the heat and the weather here though so I can't complain. Saturday only 2 people opened their door to us ALL day. one was drunk and one was high. it was one of those days that you wonder what on earth you are doing with your life. but then we got Chick fil a for dinner and a member gave me pan dulce because they know how much i love it and lotion because he said my hands are dry (haha latinos are so blunt) and that made my day. 

The best part of the week though was on Friday we were walking around and a few appts fell through so we were out contacting. This lady basically ran over to us and asked where she could get a copy of the book of mormon. She said she really wants to learn about God and the Bible and it was super cool. We prayed with her and invited her to be baptized- she committed to the last saturday of May. It was super exciting. Then, Silvia FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH!!! Which means hopefully she will be baptized next saturday by Danny Perez our recent convert. I am super excited I can't even think about it because I don't want to get my hopes up. Sheesh its going to be so great. 

Otherwise life is the same in YB. I will be skyping home between 4:30 and 5 my time, I will give you a call when I am turning on skype. The day will be kind of crazy so thats the only time that will really work. If you could please have Grammy and PopPop stay I would really love it but I understand that it is late so if they can't it is okay. 

Otherwise life is great in YB. I will be leaving in 3 weeks, president told me where I will probably be going. It is very far from the mission office, so don't send any packages there after next week until I get you my new address. Not that I need any packages but if you were thinking about it. 

Ok I love you all so much! 
Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello family! 

First family thank you so so so much for the package- the shirts are great im going to return a few but its wonderful thank you. I am now the most styling sister in the office! Its great. Thank you mom for your sweet letter I really loved it and Dad for the talks it was great! Also thank you for sending me my credit card!!! 

What a week!! We did this service project picking up homeless trash it was pretty exciting, but the journalist I met there might have a sweet internship for me. So Mom if you could check my gmail me and forward the his email to me I think his name was Paul I would appreciate, I can't communicate with him directly so I will send you a message to send back. Sorry, but thank you! 

Yesterday we had a run in with a not very nice Jehovahs Witness but we taught him the plan of salvation and it was really cool. His name was Bryan and hes definitely going to be baptized some day. At first he was really mean and stuff but by the end he was super humble and told us his life story. It was pretty cool. 

Last week we taught a lesson about tithing and we promised her that if she paid her tithing she would have the money to pay off a bill she had coming up. I was really stressed all week because I knew a lot was hanging on it and I was nervous that she was sign seeking and Heavenly Father wouldn't answer her desire. Obviously it was for no reason though because everything worked out. Her tax return came weeks earlier than she thought it would and she could pay it off. It was really cool her faith was really strengthened and it has been exciting to see her return to the church. 

Otherwise life is great in YB. I spoke for my first time in Spanish, it was kind of nerve racking but it ended up totally fine. Thank you for all your love and support.

I know you probably can't believe it but Mothers Day is right around the corner which means my last phone call home! Ay!! I will probably be skyping home from the senior sisters house. We have church until 1 so it will have to be after that. If there is a time you would prefer please let me know next week so we can work it out! 

Love you all very much
Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, April 21, 2014

He is Risen!!!!

WOW !!! First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MICHAEL FISCHETTI!!! 15 years old I can't believe it. One year away from driving- it makes me want to throw up! You are growing up too fast!!!! 

IT HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK EVER!!! First of all I have the BEST new companion ever. Her name is Sister Mehr and I already love her to death. She is the best missionary ever and oh man we are on fire. Life is so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Trust me, I loved Hermana A and I learned so much with her- but our time was really hard together. Definitely my hardest companionship. But the sun has risen and we are out to baptize san jose. We found 5 new investigators- three from members. Had an bunch of incredible lessons. and the hearts of our investigators are soft and ready to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so exhilarated and ready to declare from every rooftop that Christ lives, He is our Savior, and He has restored His Church once again on the earth. Is there a greater blessing on earth?! I am just thrilled enthused ready to take on the world. 

Easter was wonderful- we ate with the Paredes. It was fantastic we had shrimp scampi and it was great. Life is just awesome. Easter was awesome. I have used the atonement, hit the reset button and am ready to take on the world. Oh also last sunday I sang in sacrament meeting- i am no longer tone deaf!! my companions have helped me so much. next up: sister fischetti as a professional singer.

also! man so last week i wrote about how i needed some new clothes. i still do need some new tops, BUT it was awesome. I found like 5 new skirts- 3 from our closet and then 2 from this lady who dropped off some old clothes. it was perfect. she also donated 2 gorgeous wool skirts from scotland, im going to send one of them home because i wont use it on my mission along with some clothes i dont use for comfort reasons. 

Love you all to the moon and back!!!

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Wow we just finished up the last week of the transfer. It is absolutely crazy how fast time is flying. Sheesh I can't believe it. I have 5 transfers left and am ready to kick it into high gear. Changes are coming to Yerba Buena and I am super excited. Change is so wonderful and important. I love Hermana Arias but 4.5 months is a really long time to be with someone 24/7 so I am super excited to get a new companion. It is going to be great. We are going to baptize 5 people this transfer at least I hope... This week was very interesting. A situation arose in which I needed to talk with my president for a little while. dont worry im great nothing is wrong there was just some problems in our zone. Anyways, I have the best mission president in the whole world. Seriously. I was able to talk to him about my fears about the future and he was able to give me some incredible insight about covenant keeping and marriage. I just love President Watkins. I am so sad that he will be leaving in June. I am really starting to figure out my priorities for my future and it is really great. What would I have done without a mission?! 

We also had a day this week where we taught 9 lessons. from the time we woke up and went to sleep we just killled it. it was super awesome. We met this woman Marta that has taken the lessons in Utah but just recently moved and hadn't been able to find missionaries. We have an appointment with her on tuesday and I am really excited about it. One family we are teaching is making significant improvements in their home and im so excited for them. I will be able to die happy when the parents can finally be baptized. He has to terminate a marriage in Guatemala before they can get married here I guess its a really sticky situation. But they are so cute. We brought them to the missionary outgoing last night and one of the elders I felt was speaking straight to the hermano. It was awesome. 

Otherwise nothing really new here- another week passes. I am so grateful for this Gospel. I am so grateful for my mission. I love this work, and I know that it is the work of the Lord. While I have many questions and at times even doubts, the fact still remains that Jesus of Nazareth sacrificed his life so we could have ours. He suffered everything for us- every pain, temptation, sin, disappointment, weakness, and mistake- he felt it. And He still loves us.  I love my Savior. No puedo expresar mi testimonio de Cristo en ingles, Lo siento. Se con todo mi corazon que Jesucristo murio pero despues de tres dias el resucito y vamos a resucitar tambien. Tenemos las bendiciones de la vida eterna por medio de nuestro Salvador. Y la unica manera que podamos vivir con nuestras families otra ves es por hacer convenios en las aquas del bautismo y en el templo. Necesitamos los convenios de Dios, sin ellos seria perdido para siempre. Le ama mi Padre Celestial muchisimo. Y le ama mi salvador. Estoy en su deuda por toda eternidad. 


Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wow!!! GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SO AWESOME!! We had the opportunity to go to the temple on Thursday and that was exactly the spiritual boost I needed. It was so wonderful. Then I went on exchanges with Sis Christensen! It was so fun she is the best missionary I feel so blessed to have been trained by her. So it is always fun doing exchanges with her because we do missionary work exactly the same. We had a blast and just killed it. We went to contact this potential they had met on the street and he has moved, but we started to talk with the woman who lived there and she had found a copy of the Book of Mormon in her house. Her and her boyfriend started to read it together, she has finished 1 nephi! Since her boyfriend started reading he has been able to stop using drugs. It is crazy. So we taught her and she was so excited and wants to get baptized. She said she can already see the changes in her life and knows the Lord loves her. That was really crazy. 

So conference. My favorite by far was Richard G Scott, through his words I could really feel the Spirit testify of the answers to my questions. I LOVED Bishop Stevensons talk. if life is 4 minutes, my mission is 10 seconds! the clock is ticking. I could really sense the urgency. Man  idon't have a lot of time left and I wish I could explain all my feelings about conference but I can't really. It is just too wonderful for words. I read a great talk this week "an educated conscience" by stephen covey i would really recommend it. 

I love you all so much! Sorry this is a really lame letter! 
Hermana Fischetti 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What a week!!!! 

First and foremost we had a baptism!!! Leticia was baptized on Saturday with Danny Perez and it was the most wonderful day ever. The Spirit was so strong during the whole thing. Leticia's mom is a Recent Convert also and bore her testimony, it was so tender. And Dannys mom who is also a recent convert said the opening prayer.  I could really feel the mothers love during the whole service. It was wonderful. The Gospel is for everyone, but in families it is so sweet. And we definitely saw that this week. The only funny part was how they were baptized. Dannys dad baptized them both and it was his first time. Danny went first and for some reason he squatted instead of leaning back and his dad kept his patting the top of his head to get him under the water. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. One of the witnesses just started busting up laughing, but the spirit was still there so it was okay. Man I wish I had a video it was like he was a dinosaur going back into his egg. I can't even explain. Then Leticia had to be baptized 4 times because he couldn't remember her full name. It was so funny but wonderful. A great day.

We have been having a lot of rain here which is really tough in the spanish program because Latino's think they are going to melt if they get hit by a drop of water, so they won't go outside and they won't let us inside because we are wet. So it was kind of a bummer but its ok! We kept going and had fun being really wet. 

This week I have had a lot of really neat experiences. On Friday I was super discouraged and frustrated because no one was letting us in we were super behind in our goals, and i have been feeling very discontented. Then we went to my favorite families house for dinner, the Mendez's. Man I love them SO much. SOOOO much. Anyways, her house was a disaster she looked so stressed and so Hma Arias and I just started cleaning for her. She was cleaning the dishes and I was cleaning the floors. As I was on my hands and knees I just felt the Spirit so strong I almost started to cry. For a minute I felt what Christ felt when he washed the feet of his Apostles. It was humbling to realize that I had my focus all wrong for the past few weeks. I really need to just serve other people, because that is exactly what the Savior would do if he was serving here. He wouldn't be on the phone waiting to hear everyones numbers on Sunday night, he wouldn't be with us contacting at target to just hit our goals for the week, he would be on his hands and knees with me washing the floor of a sweet sister who just was about to lose it. It really hit me how important it is to SERVE. we serve missions. its not about numbers or being the best. sometimes i get turned around, but I am grateful that the Lord will always redirect us when we get a little lost. 

I love this work! I really do. This is the greatest thing we can ever do with our lives. I love to be able to be a Servant of the Lord. Those moments when we come home so tired we can barely plan with our eyes open are some of the sweetest memories I will have of my mission. I really look forward to life after the mission being able to implement the things I have learned here to real life, but I still have so much to learn. Everyday is an adventure and it is wonderful. This is the work of the Lord!! 

Love you all to the moon and back
Hermana Fischetti 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

hello family! 

wow what a week! First mom I got the blue shoes they are absolutely perfect I haven't taken them off my feet yet haha they are super comfortable, the brown ones haven't come yet not sure why. But thanks mom you are the best! yesterday we went to Carmel which was heaven on earth. I can't wait to have a summer house there with a private helicopter landing pad. its beautiful. ill send some pictures if i have time. It has been a wonderful week. L came to church on Sunday so she will be baptized this Saturday with another one of our investigators we are super excited. They will be Hermana Arias' first baptisms of her mission so we are thrilled. The work is just moving forward in YB and we have front row tickets its the best. 

This week I have been so grateful for my family, I think for the first time I actually got a little homesick! There is a boy in my ward that looks EXACTLY like thomas when he was 13 so I pulled out the photoalbum that Johnny made for us and showed them. We had a good laugh. Some of the sisters in my apartment think thomas is very cute its kind of awkward haha they couldn't believe the great change that came over him haha i love you thomas! And so I started looking through all the old photos and just started missing Montauk and all the wonderful experiences we have had as a family. I just feel so blessed. I can't wait to walk out of the doors at JFK airport and see all of you in a few short months. I mean I know I still have a while and don't worry I am not trunky, but it will be a very sweet reunion. The mission has just given me such an appreciation for family, and I feel so grateful to have been raised in such a closeknit loving family. We are really lucky! I love to be able to teach the plan of salvation because it just gives me butterflies thinking about eternal families. Heaven wouldn't be heaven if we were alone. 

Otherwise life is good in san jose. We are halfway through this transfer which is crazy! only 3 more weeks until Hermana Arias leaves, we are super sad but working super hard to just give it all weve got. Missionary work is the best!

I am not sure if any of you saw in the news, but there was a sister that was in an accident this past week, if you saw it she is doing ok but we have been asked not to share details. If you could keep her in your prayers we would all appreciate it. 

Love you lots
Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello family,

First please give my love and condolences to the Derwin Family. I am so heartbroken and sad to hear that news. It is just awful. Please let Anna know that I am thinking of her family and praying for them at this time. I really am truly heartbroken to hear this news, its so sad to hear about young lives being taken. But I do know of a surety that Drew is in peace and is happy. 

Michael, I am so sorry to hear about your back :( You can trust me when I say I know what you are going through! Just rest as much as you can and be patient, and GO TO PHYSICAL THERAPY always do your stretches ok?! I know it is very frustrating and annoying, but be patient and you will be better in no time. I am so sorry to hear that though! At least you will better by summer time and can be having fun, and it doesn't sound like you need to wear a robot back brace so thats great! 

Dad, Congratulations on your new calling! How exciting!! I can't wait to hear all the wonderful things you are going to do for our ward. That is just so great. We are going to have a very busy family! How about the week of November 12 we can all plan on a great big family nap haha 

For us otherwise it was just a normal week. We are having a lot of success with two of our investigators and hopefully they will be baptized really soon. They are progressing well and I love to be able to see them grow their faith. Our Bishop has started a new plan that every presidency in the ward is in charge of one of the 5 lessons in PMG to teach to new members and less actives. The first step is for us as missionaries to teach the ward how to teach the lessons. So Friday night we started with the Sunday School Presidency. It was really awesome. So spiritual and they are so excited to go out and teach it now! I love to see the ward progressing. Spanish wards are really hard because almost all of the members are recent converts of the last 10 years, which is great but no one really knows how to run a ward. So we have been working really hard to help the auxiliaries get more involved in missionary work and in retaining recent converts. we have a huge problem with retention and I think it is because members don't understand visiting'home teaching or fellowshipping, so converts just slip through the cracks. Another great thing that happened this week is we set a baptismal date with the elders investigator danny, we are both teaching him because he needs lots of love. Friday night I was laying in bed thinking about him and what we can do more for him, and it hit me that I am so worried about him because he is exactly like Scott. I had a really overwhelming spiritual experience that part of the reason I came to Yerba Buena was because I would know how to help Danny through his past and help him look into his future. I am really excited to see him be baptized! Otherwise all is well in YB. Life is good! 

Please tell Elder Gamble thank you so much for trying, if I can I will try to get an address- I am bummed it didn't work out because my investigator here is convinced he is ready. I will keep working on it and see if there is anything we can come up with. 

Ok I love you all so much! 

Also mom, one thing I could use. You know those ugly Clarks I bought? well they are the only shoes i wear now because it helps my back a lot, but they are absolutely destroyed, they are coming apart and the leather is gone on the front part of the shoe. So if you could go on 6pm.com and find a pair just like them that are somewhat cute with lots of support that would be awesome. if they are ugly, its ok i will still wear them as long as they aren't expensive. 

Have a great week!

Hermana Fischetti

Monday, March 10, 2014


What a week. First off bragging moment: Hermana Arias and I are leading the mission in invitations for baptism. We are straightup killing it right now. Ok now I am humble and we only did it because the Lord is blessing us SO much. But its been AWESOME. We are working so hard its CRAZY. This week though I had two really cool experiences I wanted to share. We were able to take two of our investigators to the temple this week along with their mom who is a recent convert. The Spirit was so strong when we were in the visitors center I just loved it. I was crying through the whole families are forever video. Oh gosh I am such a baby now but I cant wait to have a family! Seriously! And it just makes me so grateful for the plan of salvation. I just love our family and I love the temple. Then we were walking around outside and I was talking to our investigator S, and she has been pretty cold towards us so we have been kind of unsure. But I was teaching her about baptisms for the dead, and she just turns to me and says I want to be baptized. It was crazy. I just love how the Spirit can touch everyone in different ways. 

Then yesterday at church we were in sunday school, and the teacher was talking about Les Mis. I started really thinking about how its relates to Christ and the atonement and I started to imagine the scene when jean valjean is standing on the wall ripping up his parole paper. And I imagined Christ doing that for me- taking all the wrongs I have ever done and he just rips them up. He takes our lives back for us when we are lost and chained in sin, and allows us to erase our past. There is no need for justice because he paid the price. We don't need to run from the law or wait for our past to sneak up on us. Christ has paid the price, he paid it in full. I am so grateful for Our Savior, Jesus Christ, that loved us enough to give his life. 

I just wish I could explain how much I love being a missionary. It is so hard, and so exhausting and there are certainly days where I want to get a one way ticket to new york but I would never. I love this work. This is truly the work of the Lord. Our Father in Heaven loves his children and has provided a way for us to come closer to Him. We literally have a Prophet of God on earth. Is there any greater blessing? We have been provided the tools we need to be happy, we just need to do it! I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ restored once again on the earth. And even in moments of doubt or confusion, we can pray and the confusion clears and it all makes sense. I love you all go out and work with the missionaries!!!

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, March 3, 2014

hello everyone! i didnt realize how short time was oh gosh. what a week just finished up transfer numberrr S I X! which means i really am half way done with my mission. ITS NUTS AH! i cant believe it. last night we went to the outgoing for the leaving missionaries and sister jensen left for brazil so sad :( :( we cried and cried but im really really excited for her and the adventures she is going to have there. what else oh I saw Sister Bowman the RS pres in seaside. sheesh i just love seaside i need to have a change of heart! but she told me that they are finally combining all the spanish in one ward which was something we can up with when i was there. its incredible to see the things that have happened. i just love that area and i love seeing the work move forward there. especially because im going to raise my kids in that ward! haha mom dont cry. what else we had an AWESOME lesson with this family saturday night, the dad danielo reminds me so much of dad. we are really hoping his heart will soften so they can get married in the temple. they have to get married first and its kind of complicated but i know its going to happen. and they haven't come to church in like 7 months but then they came yesterday! and danielo and ingrid were high fiving us and it was awesome. sometimes sister missionaries just have the magic haha it also helps my comp is from the same area of guatemala so they are best friends. i love having a nativa for a comp because everyone loves them and its awesome. i have 6 transfers left so its time to put it into high gear and work super hard. now that my back is feeling a ton better im really excited for this transfer. we are going to harvest all the seeds we have been planting. i love you all lots and lots! mom make SURE the elders take care of that referral otherwise ill be a dead woman! haha ok love you love you

Monday, February 24, 2014

This week where to begin...
Well on Wednesday I went to the doctor, I got some xrays but they havent called me back so I guess everything is good to go. I am taking gabapentin to help with the nerve pain and it has helped so much. I'm not in pain and I have so much more energy and I am sleeping through the night. It has been an incredible blessing. She also prescribed me a muscle relaxer, so I tried it and it was a disaster. I couldn't keep my eyes open to save my life, I almost fell asleep in a lesson... so I think I am just going to stick with the gabapentin. Also she wants me to go to physical therapy for a few weeks, is that covered by insurance? Can I call them and start going this week? After three weeks if I am still in pain when not on the medication, she will refer me to an orthopedist.
Otherwise the greatest part of this week .... I WENT BACK TO SEASIDE!!!! Lidia- Pablo's wife was baptized on Friday night and I was able to get permission to go. It was the most spiritual baptism of my mission. Pablo baptized her and it was so touching. I love them so much. Our purpose here is to help families be together forever and that is what is happening with them. Their children are now all investigating the church with their spouses. The Spanish group is growing rapidly down there because of Pablo. He is the best member missionary on earth. It was such a blessing to be able to see the fruit of our labors. We met Pablo and Lidia for the first time at Analia's wedding. I remember planning it and all the work and exhaustion that went into it, many times we wondered are we supposed to do this? Looking back almost 8 months ago, it is so clear that the Lord had a plan. Ricardo, Analias husband didn't get baptized- but the wedding wasn't for them, it was to bring an entire family into the Gospel. This is His work. It hit me in the baptism how carefully planned our missions are and the Lord knows where we need to be and when for the people that are prepared to be found. It is such an incredible blessing to be a part of this work. I just love the Seaside ward so much, I can't wait to visit it and I can't wait to live there one day haha
On Saturday and Sunday we had the opportunity to hear from a member of the Seventy- Elder Aunua at stake conference. He was really cool and very laid back which was awesome because usually when general authorities come everyone is serious and professional. But he brought the Spirit so strong and everyone was laughing and really happy. I loved everything he spoke about. He talked a lot about how we share the Gospel because we want people to have all the same blessings and be able to be together forever. It hit me that sometimes we complicate sharing the Gospel but really its is quite simple.
Nothing really else to report on, we got bunk beds this week so that has been fun. Sister Arias has had pink eye so we had to stay in the house for a while yesterday... that wasn't so fun. Otherwise thats it.
Love you all so much!
Hermana Fischetti

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello family!! What a week we have had! First off, it started on Tuesday with us thinking we were getting emergency transferred because of the gang stuff BUT miracles of miracles we ended up just switching areas with the elders. We feel totally safe now and get to stay in our ward! It has been a blessing. President said he prayed long and hard about what to do, it is really cool to be a part of the revelation process and we know there are specific reasons this happened. Since we've moved areas we have met single woman that need us to teach them and its been so cool- there is a reason why all the drama happened. So now we are basically white washing an area and it has been so much fun.
Then on Wednesday we had an incredible lesson with the Bishops daughter. He asked us to work with her because shes been going through a lot right now. It is so cool how the Lord puts us in specific situations to be able to help people that are going through the same things we have been through. She is in the situation I was when I came home from college my freshman year, and it was so cool to be able to talk to her and share scriptures with her that helped me. We are teaching her again tomorrow and I am so excited. I really feel like we can help her a lot and help her to change the path she is on.
THEN I got the BEST PACKAGE EVER! Wow thank you mom so much for all your work and thank you everyone for all your sweet notes! I absolutely loved it! All the notes, it just made my week. I was laughing for days. Dad thank you for the suggestion on Alma 50- I love that chapter especially when it talks about it being the happiest time among the Nephites. Obedience is the way to find happiness- no other way!
We have also had a miracle of member missionary work- we got 2 new investigators from members. Thats a miracle, it never happens, and when it does they usually get baptized. So we are super pumped about that. Yerba Buena is on fire.
Then on Saturday we had the best experience of my whole entire life. Every week we volunteer at a class to help vietnamese people get their citizenship- its hysterical because vietnamese people are the funniest ever. So 3 students got their citizenship this week! very exciting so they took us out to the the nicest pho restaurant in San Jose. It was just the craziest experience, we were celebrities snapping pics like classic asians i just loved it so much. mom also please accept all my friend requests especially those from vietnamese people hahaha have to keep in contact for life. I wish I could explain how funny the dinner was but I really can't so I won't even try. Lets just say it was the best hour of my entire life.
After the dinner we went to Noche de Amistad at the ward building and it was so awesome. I remember in Seaside one night playing Soccer and I just felt it, like this is where I belong this is home this is my family. I haven't really felt that yet in Yerba which made me sad, but that night we played all these games and everyone was laughing and singing and dancing and it was just a blast. And I felt it again, like these people are my family too- I promised them before this life I would come find them and I have. Man I love being a missionary.
Ok thats all I've got this week! I love you all so much!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ok this week... wow what to even say. haha we've been having the craziest time but thats ok. its been awesome and really adventurous. On Monday we moved apartments so that was exciting yes we still live in a palace. I can't even think what happened this week. We had an awesome lesson with an investigator family Friday night and I am really excited to see their progress. We are hoping they will get baptized in the next few weeks, but we will see. Thank you all for your fasts for the rain- its been a miracle, we still need a lot more but every little bit helps. On Saturday we had a cool lesson with this woman named Mercedez. So she was taught by missionaried in 2010 but never got baptized so her teaching record was in our area book. Last week I was going through all the former investigators since 2004 and pulled out any that have  come to church. Usually thats an easy way to weed out people willing to keep commitments. So then during weekly planning on Friday we called the names I had gotten to make appts. Then there was this woman named Mercedez- she had never gone to church so I seriously have no idea how she got taken out of the area book. But we called her and set up an appt. She was like oh yeah im having a garage sale tomorrow you should come. So I thought it was kind of a joke and was like man this is kind of a waste of time. But as usual I was so wrong. We meet there and shes like oh ive been waiting for you all day! We had an awesome lesson and the Spirit was so strong. She had breat cancer so the missionaries couldn't teach her back then because her life was just too crazy but now she is really interested and wants to know more. We are super excited  for it. Miracles are happening all the time. Sister Arias and I are doing great, but please keep us in your prayers. We are facing a lot of trials in our area. I can't really talk about it in email, but our area is dangerous. On Thursday we are meeting with the Chief of Police in San Jose to figure out if we should stay in our area or not. Don't worry we are being very safe and please don't call President Watkins because you are afraid for my safety. But just keep us in your prayers even more than usual.
Otherwise nothing else to really report. We are working hard and constantly striving for exact obedience. Luckily we don't have an underground railroad of elder sister letters in our mission. Sheesh. missionaries sometimes kill me.
Love you lots
Hermana FIschetti

Monday, January 27, 2014

I am on email right now sorry my schedule has been crazy on mondays. We were told on Friday that today we would be moving apartments so we have been moving all day. I have realized there are 2 kinds of people in the world: those that like to throw things away and those that don't. I like to throw things away. I need to marry someone that likes to throw things away so we don't have problems. So moving was a little stressful. Hopefully we will survive because tomorrow we have interviews at our apartments and they need to be spotless. On the brightside, we have a newly renovated apartment so I feel very spoiled. Our old apartment had vietnamese elders living in it for 15 years so it was a little gross to say the least haha.
We have had a great week. Very busy but great. We are still facing a lot of adversity and police men have started to tell us our area is too dangerous so we are fasting tomorrow to figure out where to work and when etc. we might switch areas with the elders if we can't figure something out. Yesterday I was able to speak at the baptism of Junior, a boy we have been teaching- his mom is a recent convert so he doesn't count as a convert baptism but we still love him a lot.
We have been volunteering at a citizenship class the elders teach to vietnamese people- its so fun. And this sunday one of our students walked in to the spanish ward!! so we communicated with her somehow it was a miracle and she was able to make it to the vietnamese branch. it was really funny. and a miracle. we are struggling to get our investigators to church but at least we can help other missionaries! haha
 Sorry I can't even think about what to write because I am tired and stressed but its going to be a great week. I love you all so much!!
Also for Fast Sunday the entire state of California is fasting because of the drought- its really really bad here, so if you could all keep that in your fasts also we would really appreciate it!! Also Chhayana and her kids
Hermana Fischetti

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wow can you believe another transfer has passed?! Sister Arias and I are staying the same in Yerba Buena. We are really excited because we finally have a lot of good work going on so we didn't want to have to adjust again. And we finished her training so now we have more time to do missionary work. Getting new companions are hard. And Sister Reid just got transferred to Los Colinas which is right next to me and shes a sister training leader! (stl) So we will get to go on exchanges and I am super super excited. This week in transfer meeting they called like 10 new STLs! its crazy so now theres a companionship of stls in every zone. its pretty cool. im really glad i got transferred last time transfer though because i really dont want to be an stl. i like being a normal missionary and training. so my daughter (sister poznanski) and my granddaughter (sister monson) are stls which is super cool! im pumped for all of them they are awesome missionaries.
We are teaching a lot of families for the first time in my mission which is really cool. Seriously like 4 or 5  families. They are great but its really hard at the same time because no one is married. And it costs a lot of money to get a license so we can't marry them. So that is tough but we are trying to figure something out. I know the Lord will bless us as we work harder and are more consecrated. We were able to set a baptismal date with an investigator named Anna- its kind of shaky and she didn't come to church on sunday so we are not so sure. But missionary work is awesome and we are just really excited about Yerba Buena. I am really trying to focus on learning spanish so hopefully that will help haha
We got to go hiking at Pt Lobos yesterday in Monterey!!! President let us borrow his car and we drove down there. It was the best p day ever. I love Seaside. I wish I could express how much I love it. Seriously im sorry mom and dad but im going back and living there after the mission! hahahaha It was just the best day.

On another note, my recent convert in Seaside, Chhayana, has gone missing with her 2 kids. I can't really provide details but we are really really worried for them. So if you could please keep them in your prayers I would really appreciate it. I am so worried about them. Along with them, Analia who I worked with a lot is also facing some family trials so please keep her and her kids in your prayers. I love Yerba Buena, but its really hard to hear about Seaside and the things going on there and not be able to help. But its ok because the Lord has a plan for the area and I know everything will work out.
Mom and Dad my camera is officially destroyed. So I shopped around at Walmart and found a camera that is perfect for $80- I am going to use a little money from my account and my christmas money to pay for it is that ok? hopefully yes because im going to buy it before i talk to you next haha i need a camera! im missing priceless memories! 
Hope all is well and I love you lots! Michael I hope you got a good report from the doctor and you are doing okay! love you! 
Hermana Fischetti  

Monday, January 13, 2014

This week has been the BEST WEEK OF MY WHOLE MISSION HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAD S I X investigators at church SIX!! Our numbers this week were out of this world it was incredible. We worked so hard and I am so so exhausted but it was seriously the best week of missionary work ever ever. We are teaching incredible families that have been prepared and it is AWESOME.
So first we are teaching la familia Barragon. I talked about them last week but they actually came to church this Sunday so there is a chance they can get baptized on their date! But first we have to get them married. So we found out on tuesday they weren't married and we were super bummed so much to overcome. And then the sisters told us if they are legal or have some kind of residency they can't get married and we were so depressed. but then our bishop told us in ward council that isn't true!! so our spirits are high again. then all of church on sunday was about being together forever as a family and it was so perfect. we are going to talk to them about marriage this week. I am really excited. They are totally totally prepared to be baptized. They love reading the Book of Mormon- they do it every night as a family. It is adorable. I am super excited for them.
Then this man Matteo came to church with his kids- we started teaching them but they havent kept any committments and his girlfriend kind of hates us so its been really tough. But the kids adore us. So on sunday we were running late to church because we had to stop by at someone elses house but then as we were driving by matteos we were like oh man we just have to stop in and say hi. so we did and they were getting ready for church!! they got ready and came it was seriously a miracle. I am so excited to be teaching them and he bore his testimony in sunday school- it was so powerful. Sheesh its just been incredible.
On Saturday we played indoor soccer with some of the youth and our investigators, it was so fun. I love playing soccer its the highlight to every week. Also on tuesday Hermana Arias got bit by a dog!!!! hahahahahaha it was so funny. she went to hug the lady we were teaching and the dog just latched on to her arm, luckily she was wearing a thick jacket so she was okay and we can laugh about it now. but man it was so funny.
All week long the quote that thomas said from his mission president has been ringing in my head- "if not you then who if not now then when?" with our mission goal so high we have a lot of work to do, and i realized its not the mission thats going to accomplish it. its us as companionships working our butts off and listening to the Spirit to be able to find the people prepared. we can't hope that other missionaries have a lot of success we have to a lot of success. and we are definitely seeing it.
mom can you send me my camera card asap? i want to send pictures back to seaside! thank you!!!!
i love you all so much and hope you are doing great!
hermana fischetti

Monday, January 6, 2014

It is officially 2014- WHAT THE QUAN?! How is time going so fast? It is actually unreal. As I have been making my goals for the year it is overwhelming, because I have to complete my goals for my mission along with thinking about what happens the next time I get on a plane. It is crazy. But I am so excited for this year. Our mission goal for baptisms is 1300. If we can baptize like that, it is on South America proportions. We are going to blow California out of the water. So a lot of hard work is ahead, which is good. I really am loving San Jose. The missionaries here are so dedicated and work so so hard. Which is awesome. Seaside will always have a huge part of my heart but I am attached to San Jose. We had an awesome week. First of all we set THREE baptismal dates with a family we met. It was crazy because a few weeks ago we taught them a lesson and it was just so so. Then we couldn't find them for 3 weeks so we were pretty much dropping them. But the other day we kind of stopped by for a last chance lesson and it was so powerful. We are really excited about them, but they didn't come to church but thats ok because next week they will. Our investigator Manuel that came to church last week dropped us because he really loves his friends at his church. Which is sad but oh well. We are teaching 2 kids J and R, and J came to church this week! It was awesome because we got to go to YW with her and everyone was super silent. But we were able to share our testimonies about our loving Heavenly Father and how he helps us and it was so powerful. We are hoping to set a baptismal date with her this week. Otherwise things are moving forward. Transfers are in 2 weeks and there is a chance I could move again but we will see. Mom so glad the wedding went off sounds like it was incredible. And everyone wish Aly Keller CONGRATULATIONS BECAUSE SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!! AHHHHH IM SO EXCITED!!!!!
This week in my personal studies I have been really analyzing what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. So first I was studying Abinadi, man he is so awesome. He didn't get to see any of success. Literally none. Instead he was burned alive because he preached the word of God. He put everything on the alter of sacrifice for the work of the Lord. He even put his life. And because of that if you look at his family tree of missionary work he brought tens of thousands of people to repentance and baptism. Because of him the Nephite army was righteous enough and large enough to withstand the lamanites. If he hadn't converted alma- who then converted his own son and then he helped re convert the sons of mosiah, the nephites would have surely been destroyed. its incredible. So I have really been focusing on what I am willing to put on the alter of sacrifice. To give up and devote myself more fully to the work of the Lord. one of those things is my pride. I know the Lord is not asking me to give my life, but I am asked to give my heart might mind and strength. So part of my new years resolutions is to really develop and become a true disciple of Christ- to become the person He has planned.
I love you all so much and hope you have an incredible week! Good luck with everything!
Hermana Fischetti