"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The MTC in Photos - It was a great week!

Birthday Love!

 Celebrating MTC Style

Yorktown Ward Represents!

Adios MTC!

Another day another dollar...
This week was great! Especially because it was MY BIRTHDAY 22 years old. Lots of great cards and packages thank you everyone! I had a really fun day. All of the elders wrote me cards which was nice, sisters gave me lots of candy and then an elder from Brazil sang Taylor Swifts 22 to me. It was fun. And it was Sunday which is like the best day of the week so it was a win win all around! Besides that nothing really new here Spanish is hard but coming along as always. Last night Piggott and I were in the choir again at the MTC it was so funny though because we were in the back so naturally we were joking around not taking it too seriously but all the girls around us were death glaring us, then the conducter said something about like mezzoforte or something idk? anyways then i was like ohhhh is that what these fs are on the page and everyone around us just busted up laughing it was so funny. maybe you had to be there idk.
Oh last night someone named Robert C. Gay came and spoke to us I am almost positive he used to live in the Newtown ward and then he was a mission pres in Africa is this true? Anyways he gave an amazing talk and we all loved it.
Yesterday we spoke with a girl on skype from SPAIN! She was so cool. Anyways she is preparing for her mission and stuff so we were talking about our missions and stuff it was really fun. We do it to mostly practice our Spanish which is helpful. Anyways, I started bearing my testimony and then I said Yo amo mi mission. And all of the sudden it clicked in my head I love my mission! I love it so much I almost started crying! My heart was just so full, I am so grateful to have this experience and to grow and learn in way I never have before. It has truly been incredible and I am only one month + one week in! Can't wait to see what the field holds. Another cool experience I had this week was in class the other day our teacher was talking to us about focusing on our missions and giving the will to the Lord. We have been reading the 4th missionary as a district so giving my will to the Lord has been on my mind a lot. Especially because it has been really hard for me to forget about what is going on at home or with friends or whatever. Anyways we read in Romans 8 which is one of my favorite chapters of scripture I forget what verses but the ones about hope really hit me. The future is going to happen no matter what, whatever is going to be fulfilled will be fulfilled and I just need to foucs on right now. I don't need to worry about my future job or school or anything I just need to focus on being a good missionary and doing the Lords work and everything will work out! It was just really helpful for me.
Nothing else to exciting has really been happening. Just finishing up our last week at the MTC and then off to California!!!! I can't wait! I especially can't wait to baptize Mark Zuckerberg!! Jk jk
Also there is a worldwide broadcast for the Church on Sunday night 4pm my time, EVERYONE should watch it!! It is being broadcast from the Marriott center so I will be there! It is going to be an awesome meeting the 12 and the First Presidency will be there it is going to be very exciting and maybe you will get to see me on TV :)
Yo se que este iglesia es verdadera.
Adios! Con todo mi amor y mi corazon
Hermana Fischetti

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


ONE MONTH DOWN!!! 17 to go.
This week was pretty sweet. I can't even explain how happy I am. I don't think I have ever felt so happy in my whole life! Seriously this work is awesome. We have taught a lot of great lessons and I just feel great all around. Everyone morning I wake up singing in my head "and wake up and do something more than dream of your mansions above..." lolz but really helps me get out of bed. I am used to waking up so early that this morning we slept in because it is P day and we couldn't sleep past 715... I mean am I the same person? I don't even know. It is good though because then we accomplish so much. Piggott and I have been working so hard this week and its been making a huge difference. Our language is really coming along and our lessons have been incredible. Last night we had our first Tuesday Devotional at the Marriott because there are so many missionaries! It was incredible we sang in the choir that was a little rough but still its great. Amazing that there are so many missionaries we are seriously an army.
This week I used my whoopy cushion under the door of a class whoops got in some trouble lol
I don't have a lot to write because we do the same thing all week. On Monday Piggott and I taught a lesson to an investigator about Alma 32 and faith. It went really well the whole time, her spanish is getting SO good and it was great. Then at the end I felt impressed to share my testimony that Christ is our Savior. During it I have never felt the Spirit so strong it was one of the most special spiritual experiences of my life. I wish I could put it into words to explain it but I can't. It was just the sweetest thing and I have been riding a spiritual high off of it since then. Seriously you could feel the Spirit around us wow it was awesome.
On Sunday night we watched an old devotional given by David A Bednar called Character of Christ. Oh my gosh it was so powerful I wish ya'll could watch it but you can't because it is an MTC devotional. If you want my notes from it let me know because it is the best thing I have ever heard in my whole life. He talked a lot about losing ourselves and turning outward towards other people in service, and then the Lord will find us. I am trying my very best to lose myself and focus on the future. I hope that as I devote my whole mind soul everything to the Lord one day I will come home from my mission knowing I gave it my absolute all and the Lord will help me figure out what is next. I don't need to worry about it now. He also said Saint means becoming more like the Savior not just working hard. I have been trying to focus on that too. To not just work hard to learn the lang or understand the lessons but to develop Christ like qualities and be the most like Christ I can possibly be. This Gospel is seriously incredible.
Also we had a really great devotional last night by someone from the 70 Elder Arnold. He gave a great talk about the things we need to do to be great missionaries. He talked about seeing the best in others, seeing our investigators not as they are but who they can be through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Everything he said was awesome and I hope I can start doing this more especially when sisters or elders in my district drive me a little nuts lol.
This morning the elders switched over our laundry for us... we are obviously a litttle to comfortable with each other. We are actually all like family haha. Can't believe I will be leaving in 2 weeks I am SOOOO excited to get out to the field but also sad the MTC is almost over which is surprising. The district next to us are our best friends and they leave on Monday we are all so sad it is going to be so weird without all of them here. Also if anyone wanted an update on my VolleyBall skills I am basically a professional now. We straight kill it in gym now. It is so fun I am going to miss everyone so much!! I am the only one going to San Jose so it is kind of a bummer. After the mish we are all going to Lake Powell on one of their houseboats and reuniting its going to be a blast.
Alma 27: 17-18
Hermana Fischetti

 Have a Slothy Day!

P.S. Mom- can you email me the return shipping form from gap.com/shipping I can't access it and they didn't send one in the package and I don't want to have to pay to ship it when it can be free. Also can you send me a laminated picture that can fit in my scrips of my Baptism with Grandpa and also when we were sealed at the temple? thanks!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Haga jugadas, page derechos (make moves pay dues)

Hope everyone is doing well. If you are reading this send me an email or write me a dear elder... I miss my friends and family! Anyways this has been an awesome week. Lots of fun as always and lots of spiritual stuff. For gym time this week we played volleyball everyday, and I am so so bad at it. The first time we played I would run away from the ball because I was scared, but now I am getting a lot better! We have so much fun and we play outside so everyone just yells and we all get our energy out. We are so close as a whole zone and we all do everything together its always a blast. It is crazy how close we are. I never really expected to make new friends on my mission I don't really know why but seriously I have made so many best friends already. We are planning reunions and figuring out where we will all live when we get back to Provo. So much fun. Liz came and visited me at the temple this week!!! It was the BEST seriously THE BEST. Oh I also saw Brookies nana here last night, nothing better than seeing familiar faces. Cant believe they are going to London Brooke that is going to be SO AWESOME. I gave her a big hug for you. She also has a picture of us on her phone I think I helped her text it to you but if not ask her.
We got a new district in our zone last week, and for some reason they all call me abuela (grandma) because I am the oldest by 2 years pretty much. So I call them my ninitos (little children) it is really funny. We are getting a new district of 8 elders today and we are all so excited. It is weird because I am the same age as all the teachers so we are like friends but everyone else thinks they are so old and mature lol. Also the elders in our district are seriously nuts, its hysterical. At night time they have been making videos of making each other pass out... its so weird but so funny. Also kind of dangerous. cualquievs. We have started to make up out own language abbreviating spanish words and making english phrases into spanish. the teachers hate but also i know they love it.
Our lessons have been going well we are so awesome at teaching together, I dont mean it in a bragging way but we just read each others minds in every single lesson its incredible. ill think something and she will say it and vice versa. We are best friends, I could not have gotten any luckier. Everyone has started calling us the twins because we look a little bit alike but also tease each other in funny ways like siblings. We have so much fun together. Seriously every person on earth should go on a mission. First of all you have a holiday every week... P day. Tuesday night is actually Christmas eve and the PDAY morning is Christmas morning. Who wouldn't want that. But also I am learning the best life habits ever. Waking up early, doing work all day, going to bed at a normal hour... I hope I am like this the rest of my life. And  I go to bed and wake up grinning seriously everyday. No matter how hard the work is or how frustrating at times it can be, I have never felt so much joy in my whole life. It is the best! Everyone should read the talk Road to Damascus by Dieter Uchtdorf. I am really working on applying this principal in my life. The only times I get down is when I start looking back and missing things or people or fun times we all had. But as soon as I change my view and look to all the amazing times to come, I get so happy again. No reason to dwell in the past.  Also when we are dwelling in the past we miss opportunities to teach serve and meet new people. Life is full of endless possiblities don't lose them.
On Sunday we had fast sunday... kill me. But because of that we had mission conference where we heard from the entire mission presidency here it was awesome. President Nally spoke about the Doctrine of Christ, but at the beginning he spoke about 11 missionaries who serve here at the MTC for 2 years because they are mentally and physically challenged. They have had 110 baptisms this year alone, seriously on fire. He had 2 of them bear their testimonies and I think the whole room was in tears. It is amazing to see their dedication to the Lord, if they can do it I can do it. It made me think too of all the fun times we had with Brandon Logan and graysons other boys. So much fun, I really want to do something with handicapped children in the future. I am so glad michael got to participate in the special olympics, that is so cool!! I was just so touched by the experience I wish everyone could have heard their testimonies.
If someone could please send me the lyrics to hot cheetos and takis I would love you forever. And when I say please I mean do it ASAP.
Finally, I was studying Alma 17 yesterday. I remember reading vs. 2 when all my friends were out on missions and thinking I can't wait to be reunited with them. Now its the other way around. So you all better be working hard and still be my brethern or sisters in the Lord when I see you in 17 or so months!!
Sorry if my english is very poor, we try and only speak spanish so I am actually forgetting the language i spoke for 22 years.
"I don't know how to get anything done except getting on my knees and pleading for help and then getting on my feet and going to work." - President Hinckley
Love you all to the MOON AND BACK!
Hermana Fischetti
P.S. Aly if you read this send me your email so I can email you
P.P.S. Michael Watterson if you read this and don't write me soon I will come home from my mission and kill you
P.P.P.S If someone could find me an instrumental version of Taylor Swifts 22 put it on a CD with other songs by the Piano Guys then send it to me I will love you forever