"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi family!

What an exciting week it has been. Sister Richman left on Tuesday morning which was heartbreaking and we miss her a lot. But I know she is performing miracles for the Lord at home now and thats where she is needed. I guess our missions have to end sometime... Haha on tuesday the funniest thing happened. Sister Escobedo and I were sitting in the car doing something and all the sudden this guy knocks on our window and i jumped it was so creepy but then i roll down the window and he said hey can i have one of your books? turns out he has been to church in tracy (about 30 mins from livermore) before and now he is our new investigator!! he is pretty sketchy and last night we saw him and i think we caught him in the middle of committing a crime but oh well the atonement works on everyone! hopefully he will come to church this next sunday and can begin to progress. a lot of great work is going on here but its been getting really frustrating because we have so much faith and are working so hard, and we have soooo many investigators that are ready to get baptized but they aren't willing to give up the traditions of their fathers or aren't willing to commit to church or something or other. its really tough when you watch people receive answers and feel the Spirit but use their agency to not act. But we are giving it all 100% and praying with all faith. I know this is the Lords work and He will make miracles happen in his way. I am grateful to just be his instrument and work hard. We have a new companion Sister Baldarree she is fresh from the MTC and she is awesome. I really love her. She is full of fire and energy. We are working super hard and being really diligent. Miracles are just around the corner, I know it. Mom you never sent me your final project for that class- I really want to read it!! Otherwise life is really great. We had a fun zone breakfast saturday morning. I am really excited about the new missionaries in our zone its going to be awesome. Everyone is really pumped up and ready to work hard. We are going to see miracles!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much and am so grateful for your prayers. I can feel of their strength. Congratulations Dad on your new calling- you are going to be great!! I am so happy for you!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Fischetti

"Christ changes men and changed men can change the world." -Pres Benson

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey family!

Wow its been an interesting week! So many miracles literally. So on Tuesday I had my CT scan and I was really nervous, I had to drink this disgusting thing like half a gallon of it and then get an IV which wasn't fun. Then after the test the radiologist was super negative about my test and kept talking about ulcers and stuff. I was pretty stressed because the doctor had been kind of negative too. I started talking to Sis Mella a little more seriously about going home and figuring things out. Then on Wednesday night I prayed to know what to do. And I felt so strongly that the choice was mine- if I went home it would be okay and I would have laid it all out on the field, but if I wanted to stay out I would be strengthened and receive the help I need to finish. I made the decision to stay out and literally within 24 hours I started getting better, and the doctor was like your stomach is totally fine no ulcers and the inflammation is gone- actually a miracle. Prayers really were answered. So now I am on the fast track to hard work and finishing strong. I am really excited. I know this is what I am supposed to do and I don't want to hold anything back. Then on Friday night we has the Perez-Pinedas over for dinner at the Mellas. I thought my heart was going to burst with love. I was inside washing the dishes looking out the kitchen window as the families talked and laughed. It was magical and President is going to help them with the legal issues and they are going to get baptized. I dont know when, but they will!! Then Saturday morning our investigator Daya got baptized YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYy It was the best. The Spirit was truly incredible and everyone was crying. Haha shes crazy though before she went in the font we said a prayer at the top of the stairs and she was like" Heavenly Father I am so grateful for tacos" hahahaha shes funny. THEN saturday night I went to stake conference in Monterey with the Mellas. OH MY GOSH! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see all the people I love so much. When I walked in all these families come said hi and hugged me and I literally felt like I was going to die of joy. I LOVE SEASIDE. It was so refreshing and filling to see the progress of less actives and I just soaked it all in. It was a very very tender mercy and I loved it. If I could write in this email how grateful I am I would, but its impossible. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for my mission, this gospel and our Savior. I love it. This really is the best time happiest time of my entire life. This is His work, and because of that He fills us with his love and joy. There is truly nothing better on earth.

Love you all!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey family!

It has been an interesting week! Just a catch up with everything- I am currently staying at the Mella's as of Wednesday. I have been trying to rest a lot, which is really hard because I am not used to resting and my mind is always turning a million miles an hour. But I am doing my best really. It has been fun I really love the Mellas. Sister Mella is really awesome she is my adoptive mom- she is taking really good care of me. So on tuesday I began having a really intense pain at the bottom of my ribcage which the doctor is concerned about- so I will be getting a CT scan later this week, it is approved through both insurances- whatever ours doesn't cover, mission medical will. The pain has subsided but it comes back once in a while so we are just getting it checked to be safe. I am doing okay but am super nauseous all the time. So that is hard. Luckily, I haven't thrown up in 7 days so that is actually a huge miracle. I am losing quite a bit of weight and I feel like I look like a zombie. It is okay though. I know whether I get better this week or not I have left it all on the field with nothing left to give. If I get to go back to work I will be overjoyed and give the next 3 months my absolute all. If not, I know the Lord has accepted my work and I have given it all of my heart might mind and strength for these last 15 months. It has been hard being in this limbo place but I feel so grateful for the Mellas to find a solution. It has been really great. Last night we had an awesome musical fireside. It was seriously such a success I can't even believe it. The music was absolutely stunning, tons of people came and lots of our investigators were there. The Spirit was SO strong. Seriously- wow. It was amazing I wish everyone could have been there to witness the power in the room. As I was listening the Spirit just washed over me and I knew the Lord had accepted our work and consecration and that it was exactly what He wanted for Livermore. I know miracles are going to come from it and I am so excited. Hopefully this saturday two of our investigators- Daya and Eduardo will be baptized, please pray for them! They are incredible. Otherwise there really isn't much to report on because I spoke to you on tuesday. Don't worry too much about me, I trust the Lord and know that whatever happens is part of a bigger plan that I am not aware of yet. I love this work, I love it with my whole heart. I feel so incredibly blessed to serve our Savior. I can feel of His love everyday and I am so grateful to be able to share that with others. I want you all to know that I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ restored again on the earth. I know He is our Savior and it is only through him and by him that we can live with our families forever. I testify that His atoning blood can cleanse us and sanctify us so we can stand before Him with clean hands and a pure heart. 

Thank you for all your support and prayers and love. I love you all SO MUCH!
Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello family!

Congratulations thomas I can't believe you are home!! So exciting but so surreal- I feel like you just left. What is your new email? The pictures made me so happy. Glad to see Tracy could come too thats awesome! It has been a crazy week with leadership council, sick companion, and the crazy amount of work to do but its been awesome. Wow we had the coolest experience with a less active family this week. Sister Escobedo had felt prompted that we needed to visit them, but we had an absolutely crazy schedule that day so it just slipped her mind. Then that night we went to the family history library so I could prepare to train on it. And I guess the LA family called the church and was like we need the missionaries to come! (that never happens) They had lost our number and had driven all over town to try and track us down with no success. They are new to the area. But we called them after and they told us they want to have a better relationship and becoming fully active in the Gospel again. Then they both came to church on sunday. It was truly miraculous. Incredible spiritual experiences. We had a really great lesson with our investigator Leticia. I was convinced she was going to come to church but she didnt.Oh well next week. She is really awesome and has a really special light in her eyes. Only 2 weeks left in the transfer I can't believe it. This Sunday is our musical fireside please all pray that lots of people will come!! 2 weeks left in the transfer- I can't believe how fast time is flying. It has been so hard, probably the most trying time of my mission but I know we can push it to the finish line. Hopefully at the end of this transfer I will be released as an STL and can just focus on the mocho branch. We will see what happens. Love you all!!

Hermana Fischetti