"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloweenie!!


Well my 3rd transfer is over! Can you believe it?! In 2 weeks Sister Reid and I hit our 6 month mark AHHHH. Time is flying. This will probably be my last transfer in Seaside so we are just going to kill it. Work so hard we will need new shoes by the end of it. I am excited. We have some great plans in store. BTW did anyone see the picture of the plan of salvation at times square??? if you did send me a pic! weve been hearing it is awesome. 

This week Elder Lovo received an award from the President of the US YES. President Obama and congress!!! It is hysterical. Our neighborhood gardener, Norman, who we volunteer with each week at the community garden recommended his name to the city council who then sent in his info to the White House! So now he has the National Service Award signed by the President, a gold pin, and a bunch of paperwork signed by Congress. It is an honor but also very funny. We have been laughing about it all week. Supposedly we will all be receiving it but I am not so sure about that.

We are also moving :( We are getting 2 new elders so we are switching apartments with them because ours is bigger. It is very depressing but we will do whatever is necessary! So we are packing up and organizing. It is an adventure. 

We had a very fun ward halloween party and we handed out hundreds of pass along cards and candy. It was so fun and there were tons of non members so it was very successful. We also got 4 new investigators from our table we set up at the fruit stand, so because it has been such a great success we are going to expand to other fruit stands and farmers markets in the area. we are stoked. The area doesn't even know what is coming. 

Mom, I am worried about your knee! I hope all goes well know that I am praying for you to have a super fast recovery because we have the presidential election coming up!! Sounds like the family is busy, but busy is better! I love you all so much! I can't wait to hear the news of the election and everything. It is going to be very exciting!!

Nothing else is too new! We are doing great. We are ready for it to be an awesome week with hopefully not too many sppppppppoooooooookkkkkkyyyyyyy surprises! Halloween is very sketchy in Seaside haha but its great!

Love you all
Hermana Fischetti   

Monday, October 21, 2013

Did anyone get my letters this week? I sent out like 15! I hope so. Anyways its been a very funny week. We have had lots of funny things happen. Pretty much we have had the most discouraging week on earth but that is ok!! We started a scripture study class every thursday, and guess what... the first week no one came. not a single person. we handed out hundreds of fliers but not even our active members came! it was so frustrating. then one day seriously no one let us in we were spinning our wheels working so hard, but we just were hitting walls everywhere we went. so in one prayer i literally prayed for more music because we were so sick of everything! then i searched through our cds and found a new one that is awesome!!! i know it is silly but the Lord is in the details of our lives. He really does care about us even in our silliest requests. We have been working super hard and will continue to work hard even when times are discouraging. I know this is the Lords work, not ours and at each time in our missions we will face different trials to help us grow and be strengthened. I love being a missionary, because even when times are hard we find ways to laugh and have a good time. Sister Reid is really the best companion on earth. I wish you all knew her. She is so awesome and we just have such a great time together. We can work so much harder because we don't have  to worry about companionship problems. such a blessing.

One funny thing that happened. So we were waiting for our dinner appt to get home and i had to go to the bathroom REALLY badly and she was running late. so we knew a member lived around the block so we tried them but they werent home, then i remembered them saying a member lived next door and i saw a ut plate on the car. so we knocked. we had never met them before. the first thing i say : is your wife home? OH MY GOSH WHAT WAS I THINKING. not smooth or pro. hahaa he said no but you can use our bathroom (prob because i was doing the dance) so i ran in and it was just so awkward i couldnt even live. i want to die just thinking about it. so i came out and said thank you then we ran away. oh gosh the things we do on missions.... its terrible haha 

Anyways! I love you all VERY much. and I can't wait to hear from you in letters this week!! my roommates and comp get letters everyday. guess how many ive gotten this month: 1. ONE. IM NOT DEAD HERE, jk jk love you all lots.

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, October 14, 2013

This week was fun! We had interviews with our President which was great. He is the best. We have been working super hard. It was a crazy week because they changed the ward boundaries and made 2 new wards. That can be a little nuts. It will be very hard for the spanish program because they got cut in half. But it will be a blessing. We are now covering 2 wards so that will be interesting- lots of time at church on Sunday haha. Sister Reid is the perfect companion because we just mesh so well and with all these changes its so great to have no stress in the companionship and focus on the area. I at first had a hard time hearing about the changes, thinking about the investigators and less actives we have been working with. But one night it just hit me that God is so aware of each person in this area individually and He knows their needs much much better than us. So whatever happens is for a reason. There is a reason for these changes and we will see the fruits of our labor regardless. 

Remember discouragement is not the absence of adequacy, it is the absence of courage. (Maxwell)

I have been studying recently about the difference between divine discontent and the devil's dissonance. All day long as a missionary I feel divine discontent- that we have to work harder and be more focused and give this work are all. But at times we do feel the devil's dissonance that the Lord is not accepting our works and that we aren't working hard enough or good enough. There is such an importance difference. The Lord lifts and inspires us to reach higher in a positive affirming way. He wants us to be constantly striving for improvement through encouragement and love. Yet Satan will do whatever it takes to tear us down or make us feel bad. It is so opposite, but we can get so confused. Never feel that your works are not good enough, it is simply that we can always do more.

We have 2 new investigators and are going to get a ton more this week I can feel it. We have been passing out Book of Mormons like crazy and we are ready to hit the ground running. With new leadership in the ward it allows for more growth and more opportunities to get the members involved in missionary work. They don't know whats coming for them as far as missionary work goes! Every member a missionary. Within the next decade it will no longer be the missionaries responsibility to find investigators, it will be solely off of member referrals. At least that is the vision. 

I love this Gospel. Read the Book of Mormon. Because when you do there is no way anyone can be confused about its divine heritage. It is truly a testament of the people of the ancient americas and of Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon. 

Tenga un buen dia. Les amo muchisimo!!

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, October 7, 2013


Family friends and all! 

what a week. we got to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO LUCKY! The temple is the best place on earth! it was a much needed day of rest and spiritual fulfillment. sheesh its awesome! then JOHNNY! wahooo!!!!! What a treat. We had a great lunch at Old Fishermans Grotto. It was SO FUN! IT was great to hear about the family and it sounds like all is going well. There is nothing better than family! Don't worry I didn't get homesick, but its weird to think the next time ill see you all is in a short 13 months. time is going too fast ah! 

We picked up a new investigator family so that is super exciting! They are totally prepared. Sadly we don't have like 20 baptismal dates like thomas but we are still working hard. They gave us the grossest food on earth though. seriously i still cant get the taste out of my mouth SO YUCKY. it was like this frozen mango thing smothered in chili gross tomato awful sauce, EW. but oh well haha. we tried our best to eat it and then took it to go. 

We had our luau this week! Someone counted 600 people there. YES 600!!!!!!! Can you believe that? We are the best event planners on earth. haha it was such a success i wish i could send you the videos but they are too large. pictures are coming though.  tons of nonmembers. we would be lost with out the wards support though. because of them and their hard work it came together and was THE BOMB. seriously i havent had so much fun in a long time i wish you could see all the videos and everything haha. So that day we were called and said we had a 911 service project and so we went over. turned out it was just someone putting a fundraiser together and needed help with decorations. hahahha same day as the luau. they were complaining about how theyve been planning this event for 350 since jan. i was like weve been planning an event for 350 for a month and its in a few hours come help us! but oh well. we did and had a great time. we learned that elder fakavas nickname is tickle me tongan in the mission hahahahaha 

This week at the wharf i stepped in dog poop and as soon as i did i just started rhyming: there is poo on my shoe what do i do? ive been saying it ever since haha

CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST!!! Elder Hollands talk- i cried through the whole thing it was so awesome. All of it was SO GREAT. Sheesh we are so blessed to hear from a living prophet. i love being a missionary! life is great and the Gospel is true! 

This week we were trying to find someone named Bianey and her sister opened the door and i was like hey is beyonce there? she was like what?? beyonce?? hahahahaha it was hysterical. i do the stupidest things sometimes. 

HAPPY 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO THE TWO BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!!! 2 kids on missions and one tough football/hockey/lacrosse boy! obviously they did a good job. I love you so much!! YOU ARE THE BEST PARENTS I brag about you everyday! Keep up the good work. wish we could all be together but its more fun this way right?! 

Wow what an email. I love you all SO MUCH! Time is going too fast especially this email session.

Be good.

Hermana Fischetti