"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Monday, June 30, 2014

YAY! What a CRAZY AWESOME WEEK!! Seriously it was incredible. First off biggest miracle. On wednesday we were on exchanges and it was kind of tough and I was focused on the sister so I forgot to confirm dinner, I felt sooo bad because none of us have any money especially the elders and it was the end of the month. So we all went to in n out because its the cheapest place in livermore, and when we were driving over i was thinking in my head Heavenly Father please put money in the elders accounts and the other sisters accounts they don't have money for dinner! I was thinking about covering it but I hadn't deposited my birthday checks so I didn't know how much was in my account. Then when we walked in a member walks up to us and was like missionaries I got you get whatever you want! It was seriously the biggest miracle I almost started to cry. I know it seems silly but I just felt so grateful that Heavenly Father answered my plea for help.

So our zone currently has the lowest numbers, lowest morale with the worst attitudes for a while. When I first got here I was super excited to be here and do the work, but still the tone of the zone hadn't picked up at all. So last week sister richman and I just started going crazy- fasting and praying like crazy and doing everything we could to find referrals. We met with the sisters and got them pumped up but the elders were dragging their feet. So we called in the big guns and our 4 heaven sent APs came in for a day to blow our zone up. They came and we made a zone goal to find 8 new investigators that day for the zone, and not only did we meet it we doubled it plus some. We found 19 new investigators in one day for the zone. It was incredible. Now everyone is super pumped up and happy and ready to take on the world. This week our numbers were some of the highest in the mission. Right now we have the best APs san jose mission has ever seen. Thursday was the day they came up and we just saw soooo many miracles. We found 3 new investigators- 2 of them are now progressing and reading the book of mormon. Then one of those new investigators is sisters with a former, and she sat in our lesson and is now investigating again and we set a baptismal date with her! It was incredible.

Then on Sunday our branch did a mini MTC! It was SOOO fun, a lot of planning and sleepless nights but it totally paid off. We showed videos, did roleplays, had everyone sign book of mormons to hand out, taught them how to use pass along cards. Then a RM bore his testimony about referrals and the branch got so excited and then our branch president spoke and I almost cried it was so good. He showed a picture of him as a missionary and talked about the joy of bringing people to Christ. Wow it was the most spiritual sunday of my mission. A huge success and we are really winning over the love of our ramanita!!

This week our beloved mission president went home :( It was so hard to say goodbye to President and Sister Watkins, many tears have been shed but I can't wait to visit them in Hawaii after the mission, so all is well.

Love you all lots and lots!!

Hermana Fischetti


Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey family!!

It was a great week with a lot of time spent with my head in a cake. It was a blast. On Pday we played soccer and the elders brought a cake and then put my face in it. Then at dinner the members did the same thing it was so fun. I am finally fully initiated into latino culture. It was a tough week but a good one. A family we were teaching dropped us and it was really heartbreaking. We are sad but its ok because we know the Lord is preparing more people for us. Also our investigator that wants to get baptized is moving to Modesto today. So thats also a pretty big bummer. We had interviews with President which was exactly what I needed. I have officially decided no looking back that I will be going back to BYU for the winter semester. So I still want to intern for the lady that Bob Martin referred, but I will plan on doing that next summer and I can apply once I get home. I feel good and President helped me with some of my fears of going back to school. I need to get some plans in place but otherwise things will be great. I am going to try applying to be an MTC teacher but if that doesn't work out I will figure something out. Please please please find me a job in new york for the in between job. ill clean toilets but i will not baby sit!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise all talk of going home is done until im with you in person.

Otherwise the work is moving forward. I absolutely detest being an STL and have had to make some tough calls this week- I think we both feel a little drained spiritually and emotionally so hopefully this week will be full of miracles and joy. One funny thing that happened this week. We had a branch party friday night to celebrate fathers day and a member showed up who is a little crazy and started trashing americans and saying that Hugo Chavez is a god. We were just laughing but THEN he called sister richman fat. And I couldn't control myself I was like Ramon you have to respect us and our culture!! Well I guess he got super offended he told me later that He was not my brother and he told the elders to tell us we are not friends. It was very funny because he does this all the time. Luckily he apologized last night and the drama is behind us but oh gosh it was just so silly. We had 3 investigators at church yesterday which was so awesome. Hopefully Dya and her brother Eduardo will be baptized on July 5. We will see because Eduardo likes going to another church because they play soccer and eat pizza instead of having worship services. Kind of hard to compete with that. Oh well the work goes on love you all lots and lots!! Pray for us and pray for miracles in livermore!

Hermana Fischetti

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello! Thank you for all the birthday wishes its been a great day so far!!!!!! Thank you family for a great birthday package i loved all the fun stuff! life is the same here in livermore we had a great week and have all healed from the flu. Such a miracle. This weekend in town was the yearly rodeo which is actually a huge deal and no one is home so we went there to see if there was service. We ended up volunteering at the ticket booth and got to meet hundreds of people. It was the most successful service ever. And we got invited to the after party! woo hoo too bad we had way better plans! it was really fun. i love service. but it made me realize really how separated we are from the world as missionaries and how little i want to go back to it. i really am a new person, i dont laugh at the same jokes, or wear the same things, or think the same movies or music are cool. it will be weird to go home and really figure out who i am again.

One funny thing on tuesday we were at sis richmans dr appt. luckily she only has mewds an eye infection and not cancer. lots of prayer and fasting. but i was sitting out in the lobby and started talking to this guy whos actually a billionaire and is best friends with michael jacksons family. it was nuts he showed me pictures of him in people magazine. he was a big bragger but it was still pretty crazy.

On friday we had the best day ever. We taught a lesson to our investigator sonia with her niece who is a member. the Spirit was so strong and she cried while she prayed. She is totally going to get baptized. Then I got to see Mark and Dalana that was great!! Then we taught such a powerful lesson to our investigator at a members house the elders were there too and the spirit was crazy. We have such powerful missionaries in this zone.

mom can you get in touch with sister reids mom, so we can figure out a place to live at byu? her name is nan reid. i would like to live at the enclave but you can look into places. im looking in to working at the mtc too when i go back to provo, its a well paid job and 20 hours a week. it will also help me keep up my spanish.

ok love you lots!! have a great week
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, June 9, 2014

hello!!! for my birthday i could really use some lotion and toothpaste. i dont need too much. actually nothing really maybe a filtered water bottle. this week has been crazy. first we have been sick and the flu is destroying us. its been kind of frustrating because we cant get as much work done and we will feel awful, but thats ok.

miracles that happened this week: melanie our 9 year old investigator who is the sassiest girl ever born came to church!!!!!!!! she even wore a skirt and was waiting for us when we came. that was a miracle. i cant even explain how miraculous it was. then on saturday we went to contact a potential, he didn't live there but we met this awesome kid named juan that is so prepared to hear the gospel. he had light shining out of his eyes and is really excited to read the book of mormon. we are pumped about teaching him. my companion is so awesome i just love her she is my best friend and we are going to see so many miracles because we work together so well. also on thursday our president got like 6000 in coupons to new york and company and gave them to the stls to pass out so we took all our sisters on a shopping spree!!!! it was so fun. i got a really cute new skirt. it was a blast and hopefully it motivated the sisters to get back into action. our zone is sooooo slow only 4 baptisms for the year. its crazy. on saturday we went to this walmart and all the sudden millions of bugs attacked us. seriously our car everything was infested, it was the grossest thing of my entire life.

i love my area i love my companion i love my mission!

ok gotta run love you lots!!!

hermana fischetti

Monday, June 2, 2014

Wow what a week! I LOVE LIVERMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously this place is heaven on earth its a small town in the middle of no where and its absolutely fantastic. We have been seeing crazy amounts of miracles. The Lord just knows exactly where we need to be and this is it. My companions name is Sister Richman and I love her. Seriously she is the best. We work really well together and she loves to work hard. So its been fantastic. We have super high goals but know that we are going to reach them. We serve in a spanish branch called Mocho and its so cute sheesh i just love it so much already. Our WML Hermano Zarco- is the most Christ like man on earth. He knows everyone on the ward list and visits them regularly. They don't have a car so he bikes like 5 miles to get to church with his 5 kids and goes with us to appts on his bike. He is truly incredible. The branch is seeing a ton of less actives return right now which is awesome. We found a new investigator this week named Patti- we were going to visit a potential and contacted her at the apartment complex. She was like oh yes please come in! So we taught her and the Spirit was super strong. After church on Sunday we visited her and she actually read the book of mormon!! it was a miracle. She said she is going to come to church as soon as her morning sickness is gone and is searching for the truth. Shes awesome and totally going to get baptized.

I am just really happy to be here. I had been really stressed out about what to do after my mission and a bunch of different things but being thrown into a new environment has really helped me. Satan was just trying to get me down and be less productive. On Friday we were at MLC and I felt the Spirit just teach me that I need to focus on the here and now there is SO much work to do in Livermore and with the sisters here. So, when it comes to going home I just don't want to think or talk or worry about it anymore. I am going to plan on going back to BYU because its the simplest thing to do in January unless some kind of internship happens. If you can just try to find me a job at home for nov and dec that would be great. I dont want to have time to get lazy.

On Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays we get to do zumba with a bunch of the women in our branch and in the english wards. It is SO MUCH FUN. oh gosh mom we will have to do it when i get back. im going to be in the best shape of my life when we get home. on MWF we play basketball from 6-7 and zumba from 9-10 and on tues nights we play soccer saturdays dodgeball. we are very active. so life is great im great the work is great i love it!!! love you all lots and lots!

hermana fischetti