"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano

Dinners every night is our new vision statement for 2014. We don't get fed very much which shows that the ward isn't in love with us yet. So dinners every night means awesome member involvement with missionary work. I am so excited for this new year and this new area! We are getting to work and working hard. I really do love it. We had a wondeful Christmas and this is a great area, just different but different isn't bad. On Saturday we sat down as missionaries serving in the YB ward and made a solid plan to help the ward  and strengthen the missionary work here. Its going to be AWESOME! its so weird i have been making goals and resolutions for this new year- which includes finishing my mission and figuring out what to do for the rest of my life. its super weird! I was SO grateful to be able to skype with all of you that was the best Christmas present ever! To see everyone happy and doing well and also to see my doggies :) hahaha Sorry I was so emotional, it was just the first time it really hit me how much I have changed since I have been out. My whole outlook on life has changed, my desire to work and everything. I just loved seeing you all so much. I can't even express how grateful I am for the sacrifices you have made to help me be here, so that I can serve the Lord. It has changed my life forever. I can't wait to see michael serve a mission and see all the miracles he will perform too.
We finally had an investigator at church yesterday! that was so exciting. And we had an incredible lesson with a less active. they are really starting to open up to us and that is super awesome. i love this work and i love all of you. have a great week and remember DINNERS EVERY NIGHT!
Love you all
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, December 23, 2013

So I will be skyping  home in T W O D A Y S. So everyone be prepared. It will be at 4pm PST and 7pm EST. ok?! I would love to talk thomas so if you can make that happen that would be awesome. If not, no worries. I will be skyping from my cfischet account at least im hoping. Otherwise it was just a week of missionary work. I am learning the area more and adjusting but its still been very hard. I miss my last area so much so so much. Especially Keisha Chhayana and Pablo. Recent converts just are so hard to leave behind. But I am doing better. So if I am not as happy as I normally on Christmas just know I am going through a phase but I still love being a missionary!!! Sometimes there are just really hard times and Satan has been working on me really hard. But it is good because I am growing and learning a lot about patience and diligence. We have to endure to the end no matter what the situation is. I am just so grateful I have such a wonderful family!!! Grammy- your cookies were divine thank you so much!!!! Sorry I didn't wait to open till Christmas! And mom that Christmas tree was the greatest thing ever. I cried when I opened it- it was exactly what I needed that day. Thank you so much! I love you all a lot and am so grateful for your support. I know that as Thomas and I labor diligently for the Lord regardless of our trials our family will be blessed. This week was interesting. We got food poisoning but it lasted for several days and we had to stay in all day on Saturday. I thought I was losing my mind. I was like just put me on the next plane to new york this is the worst. Sunday we were still sick but we went out and worked and that made it a lot better. I just hate when we can't work because its so boring inside our house and I feel like I am wasting the Lord's time. This week I contacted a girl and we were chatting and she was like oh yeah im 22 and i said me too! then she said what? and you don't have kids yet? and i was like no... im a missionary! and she said I HAVE FOUR!!! just take a moment and think about me having 4 children right now. FOUR. oh gosh thank goodness heavenly father protected those souls and sent me on a mission. I have too much to learn. I love you all so much and can't wait to chat on Wednesday. Remember I only have 45 minutes!!!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, December 16, 2013

Well I am now serving in Yerba Buena, our ward building is the mission office... which is so weird! We see missionaries all the time and President, its just strange because in Monterey you are very secluded so we just go about our life but its ok I am doing ok. This week probably has been the hardest of my mission, it has been harder to leave Seaside than it was to even come on my mission! I just love the people there so much- my recent converts and the members. It has been really hard. And now I am serving in a full spanish ward which is great for my spanish, but hard because I don't feel like I can always communicate my feelings. It is definitely a work in progress. I know everything will be great but it is just a tough adjustment. Hermana Hall who is the best sister thats ever served in this mission went home a few weeks ago but is back helping President with stuff so she talked to me and she just said don't worry you aren't going to love the people right away, you aren't going to love the area right away, just be patient and it will come. It helped a lot to know that I wasn't just some freak feeling sad. Every missionary has a tough time being transferred after being in an area for so long. That is just life.
Otherwise things are going well! We are very excited about Christmas! So okay I think night would probably be best cuold we skype around like 5 my time 8 yours? we will lay down a specific time next week. With thomas, I only have 45 minutes to skype and yes I would love to talk to thomas, but I am worried that it will get to complicated technically and I will lose time to talk to mom and dad. I love you bud! But, our time is very short. So if we can figure out a way that'd be great but the most important thing is that I get to talk to Mom Dad Michael Grammy PopPop and Grandma and of COURSE the doggies. So just try and figure it out michael in a way that is easiest. Just let me know what to do. I think night would be better.
Things are great and I love you all so much! Next week I promise my letter will be happier and better! Happy almost Christmas!!!!!!!!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, December 9, 2013

adios seaside le extrano :( :(

Hello! So it is finally time for me to leave my beloved first area- Seaside. I am so sad! Right before the holidays. I love this place I want to raise my family here. But change is important and I am looking forward to meeting new people and having different experiences. I am very comfortable here so it is time for a change. I will mostly miss Sister Reid because she is the best companion ever! We are very depressed. But wow can you believe christmas is in like 3 weeks?! what the heck! time is going way to fast its crazy!

So on Saturday we were SO blessed to be able to go to the temple with the Dominguez's and Roque. It was one of the best days of my entire life and I remembered so vividly when we were able to be sealed. So special. That is the reason why we do missionary work- so families can be together forever. We got to bring the villalobos boys with us to the temple which was awesome. They loved it, and j wants to be baptized SO badly. he wanted to get baptized in the fountain when we were there haha but we just have to get permission from his mom.... which is hard right now! But if he is supposed to get baptized it will happen. 

Also we had another investigator C that has been coming to church. She is 14 and is awesome. She has been coming to church she came to a baptism and she is awesome. So hopefully she will get baptized before Christmas. Man I am going to cry thinking about not being there. I love being a missionary. I LOVE SEASIDE CALIFORNIA. I have never loved anything so much in my whole entire life. Seriously. My heart I just love these people and this area. Everything.

I cant remember if I told you this, but a few weeks ago we were playing soccer with all the Latinos (btw i have finally found my true talent... indoor soccer. i kill it) but i realized i dont think ive ever been so happy in my whole life. we were just playing and laughing and i almost started crying i was so happy. that seems really weird i know, but the mission is the best thing. i love these people, it is like home. it is just so much fun and the Lord showers us with blessings - pure joy and peace. All is well.

Dad you should email Pablo my recent convert pablobucio@gmail.com. I think you  guys will be best friends. He speaks pretty good english so dont use google translate. Also can you please start planning for our family to come visit here for thanksgiving next year?! please im begging you. i need to come back as soon as possible.

Love you all and thank you to the family in Idaho who sent me a package but I dont know who because its from Santa! And to the Medfords- I can't wait to open the scripture packages on Christmas! You are all the greatest. BTW mom we listen to Home for the Holidays literally ALL day everyday. It is the greatest!!!!!!!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, December 2, 2013

Live in Thanksgiving Daily

Wow it has been an incredible week! No better time to be on a mission than the holidays. I feel so blessed! It has been just wonderful here. We have had a lot of miracles this week and I am so excited to see some new work in this area. It is sad to see everything and know I am leaving probably next week- but it is also awesome. 

The day before thanksgiving we ate with the Sharps for thanksgiving dinner. It was a blast and so yummy. But their neighbors came who are from Alaska and usually don't leave the house. So they were hysterical. We were going around the table and someone was sharing something really touching and all the sudden the grandma passed gas SO LOUD. it was unbearable. I lost it I was laughing so hard, luckily so was everyone else but I thought I was going to die I was laughing so hard. I couldn't stop the rest of the night. Then it is her turn to say what they are grateful for. Mind you, she is a nonmember. She starts out "I am grateful today for Brigham Young." We were like what the heck??? Then she goes on to tell that Brigham Young rescued her family in a snow storm when they were going west and because of him her grandpa lived. It was so funny because it was so random but also really cool. Her dad forced them all to read the Book of Mormon as kids to show gratitude for what mormons had done for their family. She doesn't want to be a Mormon she said but she does love them. So that was very entertaining. It was just a really fun night. 

Then on thanksgiving we had thanksgiving lunch with tiffany at the country club iT WAS SOOO DELICIOUS oh my gosh prime rib for thanksgiving?! i would have never guessed thats what i would eat on my mission! so that was awesome. we stopped by some members and then went to Sister Stainbrooks. I love them! They are like my family here :( I am sad to leave them but they are leaving too because sister stainbrook is moving to Lincoln CA. I guess change is important.

We have a new baptismal date with my new 9 year old best friend Jonathan. He is awesome. Also on Saturday the Dominguezs and Roque are going through the temple!!!! We are so excited and President Watkins gave us permission to go! So hopefully we can arrange the details and we can go. I love missionary work! The holidays are the best! 

If you haven't seen it yet you have to check out mormon newsroom and you will see me!! 

Thank you mom SO MUCH SO SO MUCH for the packages! They were AWESOME. The talks were phenomenal ive loved studying them and also everything was awesome. sheesh i am so spoiled! thank you so so much! being a missionary at the holidays is good too because you get lots of mail! haha 

so I will most likely be leaving Monterey next tuesday so don't send anything there if it won't get there before then. either you can send it to the mission home or wait for my new address in 2 weeks.  

Have an awesome week! I love you all!
Hermana Fischetti

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


First off HAPPY THANKSGIVING! The greatest holiday of the year! I am so grateful for all of the wonderful blessings I have been given. Especially my family! 

Not much to report on today. We had a great week with F O U R investigators at church. It was so awesome!!!!!! We have had a lot of great experiences and all is great. I am SO SO SO thankful for the package from Tracy and Grammy! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! The cookies were out of this world delicious and it made my whole week. Thank you thank you I will try and write a letter back this week. 

We had a great week. We met this crazy lady on the street- she told us "I'm married to Satan, my son is a goat and ive been sent here to make him miserable" she also told us she believes the moss on the trees is left over from Noahs ark. she was very strangle but also very funny. she also said her son is the spawn of Satan. So thats nice. 

Not really sure what else happened.... this morning we did service to put together food boxes for 1500 people!!!!! cool right?! OH this week we volunteered at Salvation Army and we moved over 20,000 lbs of turkeys. seriously it was us and a few men but we overpowered them with our strength it was AWESOME. power of the Lord. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be a missionary to be involved with the spirit of giving and everything i just love it. the holidays are the greatest. and can you believe in ONE MONTH I will be skyping home to see you?! weird right? time is going to fast. 

I love you all so much! Talk to you soon!

Hermana Fischetti

Monday, November 18, 2013


Wow what a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. One day we were  contacting and we handed a man a photo of Christ and kept walking because he was on the phone but then he turned around and chased us down the street!!! He was came up and was like Im searching for the true church! Where can I find it is this it? So we got his info and are going to teach him this week. That was awesome. Then we went to visit this woman named Lisbeth that we met at Salvation Army while we were doing service. She wasn't home, but her neighbor came out and recognized us from Salvation and so we started talking to her. We asked her if she had any questions for us and she said yes what happens after death? so we briefly taught the plan of salvation with the restoration. she said she wanted to know because her mom just passed away. You could see the relief in her face and we are so so excited to go back and teach her. She is awesome. Another miracle is that Lidia CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Seriously its our first investigator at church in like 2 months. it was a miracle. She was there for Pablo when he received the priesthood and everything. It was SO AWESOME! I love her and can't wait for her to get baptized hopefully very soon. We had a very trying week but also a lot of miracles. The Lord is preparing this area for a lot of success and its awesome. The wards are getting very excited about missionary work and its the greatest. I love this work! 

This morning I read this great scripture in Hebrews 10:39- "We are not of them who draw back into perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul." It will always be hard to move forward in life, there will always be trials. But we are not the kind of people that will draw back when the challenge is hard. We have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and we must press forward and save souls! We must share the peace and joy we have and we must keep going. 

Anyways love you all so much!!!

Like I said- all letters please send to the mission home, packages Mom you have my address. I will be leaving this area Dec. 7 most likely
Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Ok funniest week. Lets begin with last night... so we were home weekly planning and we heard a knock at the door. it frightened us. then they started knocking so hard and trying to open the handle. we FREAKED OUT. because no one really knows where we live but theres a lot of sketchy people that live around us and also there have been some weird things happening in the mission with sisters apartments. so we turned out all the lights and hid in the bathroom and called the elders. it was so scary. i dont know why but both of us our bodies were shaking and everything. the elders came over and found that it was just a member that had dropped by some desserts. hahahhaha we were so embarrassed. but it was so funny too. i dont know why we have been so sensitive lately but everything has been scaring us.

so next we had zone training on wednesday. Elder Fakava is a great district leader but he doesnt always understand things culturally.... so he had to give a 10 minute talk about exercise and cleaning. he had our district which is all sisters besides him and his comp stand up and he said look at my district, they all have perfect bodies. HAHHAHA it was so awkward and so funny. we dont really know what he was trying to say but it was very funny.

The great news of the week is that Pablo is going to receive the priesthood on sunday!!! and of all miracles his wife lydia, our main investigator, is able to come to church!!! every week she requests to get sundays off and this week her boss let her have it off! seriously such an answer to prayers and fasting. she is hoping it can become a regular thing so she can be baptized. we are so excited. seriously even though the work has been slow we are seeing a lot of miracles. ive been kind of frustrated because i know i am leaving at the end of this transfer and i just want to leave knowing ive done all i can and given it my all and when we dont see success i get frustrated. but thats ok. we carry on and keep working. Dad, Im giving Pablo your number he will probably call you this week. He reminds me of you a lot. He speaks ok english but sometimes its hard to understand fyi. but he is really great and i think you will be buddies. he has had many of the same experiences as you too just in different ways. 

i love you all so much! the Lord is blessing us even when we can't understand the reasons for our trials. I do know that we have a loving Heavenly Father that is aware of us and our needs. He is our strength and our light. I am so grateful for this Gospel. Have a great week!!!

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, November 4, 2013


It has been a good week here in Seaside! We MOVED! our new address is 740 casanova ave apt 14. monterey california. it is very fun. we have had a lot of cleaning to do because it was an elders apartment but that is okay. nothing else is really new. just working hard and doing our best.

We had a very special lesson last night with a woman named Marie. She is in her 80s and has been inactive for years. Her husband died in march and since then she has finally opened her door to members for the church. Yesterday was her birthday! We didnt even know but we felt like we needed to visit. We shared the parable of the lost sheep and she just cried. She told us about how lonely she was and how at times she won't talk to anyone for days. She talked about how much she misses her husband and it just broke my heart. We shared part of the plan of salvation and the Spirit was so strong. I felt very impressed that we were not sent there by mere coincidence but by her husband. We really are on the errand of angels. 

I love this work with all my heart. I love the people we get to serve and help come closer to Christ. It is the greatest work we can be involved in. in 10 days i hit my 6 month mark. It is a terrible thing. I love the spanish speaking people. I feel so blessed to be called speaking this language. I never thought I could love a work so much. But it is so great. All is well here. Weve had some changes but its okay. 

I love you all so much and hope all is well! Thank you mom so much for the BEST PACKAGE EVER!!! the jacket looks a little silly in california but i wear it all the time haha its great. so thank you so much. the cookies and bread... to die for. So thank you for taking such GREAT care of me. I love you all so much! Thank you also to the seminary class. It made my day!!! 
Best of luck dad with the election tomorrow! Everything is going to be great! 

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloweenie!!


Well my 3rd transfer is over! Can you believe it?! In 2 weeks Sister Reid and I hit our 6 month mark AHHHH. Time is flying. This will probably be my last transfer in Seaside so we are just going to kill it. Work so hard we will need new shoes by the end of it. I am excited. We have some great plans in store. BTW did anyone see the picture of the plan of salvation at times square??? if you did send me a pic! weve been hearing it is awesome. 

This week Elder Lovo received an award from the President of the US YES. President Obama and congress!!! It is hysterical. Our neighborhood gardener, Norman, who we volunteer with each week at the community garden recommended his name to the city council who then sent in his info to the White House! So now he has the National Service Award signed by the President, a gold pin, and a bunch of paperwork signed by Congress. It is an honor but also very funny. We have been laughing about it all week. Supposedly we will all be receiving it but I am not so sure about that.

We are also moving :( We are getting 2 new elders so we are switching apartments with them because ours is bigger. It is very depressing but we will do whatever is necessary! So we are packing up and organizing. It is an adventure. 

We had a very fun ward halloween party and we handed out hundreds of pass along cards and candy. It was so fun and there were tons of non members so it was very successful. We also got 4 new investigators from our table we set up at the fruit stand, so because it has been such a great success we are going to expand to other fruit stands and farmers markets in the area. we are stoked. The area doesn't even know what is coming. 

Mom, I am worried about your knee! I hope all goes well know that I am praying for you to have a super fast recovery because we have the presidential election coming up!! Sounds like the family is busy, but busy is better! I love you all so much! I can't wait to hear the news of the election and everything. It is going to be very exciting!!

Nothing else is too new! We are doing great. We are ready for it to be an awesome week with hopefully not too many sppppppppoooooooookkkkkkyyyyyyy surprises! Halloween is very sketchy in Seaside haha but its great!

Love you all
Hermana Fischetti   

Monday, October 21, 2013

Did anyone get my letters this week? I sent out like 15! I hope so. Anyways its been a very funny week. We have had lots of funny things happen. Pretty much we have had the most discouraging week on earth but that is ok!! We started a scripture study class every thursday, and guess what... the first week no one came. not a single person. we handed out hundreds of fliers but not even our active members came! it was so frustrating. then one day seriously no one let us in we were spinning our wheels working so hard, but we just were hitting walls everywhere we went. so in one prayer i literally prayed for more music because we were so sick of everything! then i searched through our cds and found a new one that is awesome!!! i know it is silly but the Lord is in the details of our lives. He really does care about us even in our silliest requests. We have been working super hard and will continue to work hard even when times are discouraging. I know this is the Lords work, not ours and at each time in our missions we will face different trials to help us grow and be strengthened. I love being a missionary, because even when times are hard we find ways to laugh and have a good time. Sister Reid is really the best companion on earth. I wish you all knew her. She is so awesome and we just have such a great time together. We can work so much harder because we don't have  to worry about companionship problems. such a blessing.

One funny thing that happened. So we were waiting for our dinner appt to get home and i had to go to the bathroom REALLY badly and she was running late. so we knew a member lived around the block so we tried them but they werent home, then i remembered them saying a member lived next door and i saw a ut plate on the car. so we knocked. we had never met them before. the first thing i say : is your wife home? OH MY GOSH WHAT WAS I THINKING. not smooth or pro. hahaa he said no but you can use our bathroom (prob because i was doing the dance) so i ran in and it was just so awkward i couldnt even live. i want to die just thinking about it. so i came out and said thank you then we ran away. oh gosh the things we do on missions.... its terrible haha 

Anyways! I love you all VERY much. and I can't wait to hear from you in letters this week!! my roommates and comp get letters everyday. guess how many ive gotten this month: 1. ONE. IM NOT DEAD HERE, jk jk love you all lots.

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, October 14, 2013

This week was fun! We had interviews with our President which was great. He is the best. We have been working super hard. It was a crazy week because they changed the ward boundaries and made 2 new wards. That can be a little nuts. It will be very hard for the spanish program because they got cut in half. But it will be a blessing. We are now covering 2 wards so that will be interesting- lots of time at church on Sunday haha. Sister Reid is the perfect companion because we just mesh so well and with all these changes its so great to have no stress in the companionship and focus on the area. I at first had a hard time hearing about the changes, thinking about the investigators and less actives we have been working with. But one night it just hit me that God is so aware of each person in this area individually and He knows their needs much much better than us. So whatever happens is for a reason. There is a reason for these changes and we will see the fruits of our labor regardless. 

Remember discouragement is not the absence of adequacy, it is the absence of courage. (Maxwell)

I have been studying recently about the difference between divine discontent and the devil's dissonance. All day long as a missionary I feel divine discontent- that we have to work harder and be more focused and give this work are all. But at times we do feel the devil's dissonance that the Lord is not accepting our works and that we aren't working hard enough or good enough. There is such an importance difference. The Lord lifts and inspires us to reach higher in a positive affirming way. He wants us to be constantly striving for improvement through encouragement and love. Yet Satan will do whatever it takes to tear us down or make us feel bad. It is so opposite, but we can get so confused. Never feel that your works are not good enough, it is simply that we can always do more.

We have 2 new investigators and are going to get a ton more this week I can feel it. We have been passing out Book of Mormons like crazy and we are ready to hit the ground running. With new leadership in the ward it allows for more growth and more opportunities to get the members involved in missionary work. They don't know whats coming for them as far as missionary work goes! Every member a missionary. Within the next decade it will no longer be the missionaries responsibility to find investigators, it will be solely off of member referrals. At least that is the vision. 

I love this Gospel. Read the Book of Mormon. Because when you do there is no way anyone can be confused about its divine heritage. It is truly a testament of the people of the ancient americas and of Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon. 

Tenga un buen dia. Les amo muchisimo!!

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, October 7, 2013


Family friends and all! 

what a week. we got to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO LUCKY! The temple is the best place on earth! it was a much needed day of rest and spiritual fulfillment. sheesh its awesome! then JOHNNY! wahooo!!!!! What a treat. We had a great lunch at Old Fishermans Grotto. It was SO FUN! IT was great to hear about the family and it sounds like all is going well. There is nothing better than family! Don't worry I didn't get homesick, but its weird to think the next time ill see you all is in a short 13 months. time is going too fast ah! 

We picked up a new investigator family so that is super exciting! They are totally prepared. Sadly we don't have like 20 baptismal dates like thomas but we are still working hard. They gave us the grossest food on earth though. seriously i still cant get the taste out of my mouth SO YUCKY. it was like this frozen mango thing smothered in chili gross tomato awful sauce, EW. but oh well haha. we tried our best to eat it and then took it to go. 

We had our luau this week! Someone counted 600 people there. YES 600!!!!!!! Can you believe that? We are the best event planners on earth. haha it was such a success i wish i could send you the videos but they are too large. pictures are coming though.  tons of nonmembers. we would be lost with out the wards support though. because of them and their hard work it came together and was THE BOMB. seriously i havent had so much fun in a long time i wish you could see all the videos and everything haha. So that day we were called and said we had a 911 service project and so we went over. turned out it was just someone putting a fundraiser together and needed help with decorations. hahahha same day as the luau. they were complaining about how theyve been planning this event for 350 since jan. i was like weve been planning an event for 350 for a month and its in a few hours come help us! but oh well. we did and had a great time. we learned that elder fakavas nickname is tickle me tongan in the mission hahahahaha 

This week at the wharf i stepped in dog poop and as soon as i did i just started rhyming: there is poo on my shoe what do i do? ive been saying it ever since haha

CONFERENCE WAS THE BEST!!! Elder Hollands talk- i cried through the whole thing it was so awesome. All of it was SO GREAT. Sheesh we are so blessed to hear from a living prophet. i love being a missionary! life is great and the Gospel is true! 

This week we were trying to find someone named Bianey and her sister opened the door and i was like hey is beyonce there? she was like what?? beyonce?? hahahahaha it was hysterical. i do the stupidest things sometimes. 

HAPPY 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO THE TWO BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!!! 2 kids on missions and one tough football/hockey/lacrosse boy! obviously they did a good job. I love you so much!! YOU ARE THE BEST PARENTS I brag about you everyday! Keep up the good work. wish we could all be together but its more fun this way right?! 

Wow what an email. I love you all SO MUCH! Time is going too fast especially this email session.

Be good.

Hermana Fischetti 

Monday, September 30, 2013

It ain't nothing til you call it

Hello !!!!! 

It has been a GREAT week. It started out on the right foot with sister reid and i treating ourselves to clam chowder at the wharf on p day. It was the best, can't wait to take Johnny and Denise there THIS WEEK!!! I am so excited to see them. While we were at the wharf some mid 20s boys invited us to go sailing on their yacht... sadly we had to decline but its good to know at least we still got it..... hahahahahahha

On Thursday we had our sisters retreat and it was a treat. Oh my gosh it was the best day! All the sisters, there are 104 of us (the only mission with more is Temple Square) got together and had workshops and guest speakers it was fantastic. I got some new clothes because we had a clothing exchange so that was exciting. President gave a really great talk also. He talked about this story from the 1940s in the negro baseball league. Three umps were sitting in the dugout talking about how they called strikes- the youngest said, i call it how i see it. the second said, i call it how i feel it, but the third who was in his late 70s was quiet. As he walked out the youngest asked what he thought and he replied "It ain't nothing till you call it." How true is that? When we meet people we can immediately judge them by how they look or the feeling they give, but how we react to them can change their opinion of themselves and the opinion of others... sometimes forever. I thought about some of our investigators coming from really hard backgrounds and if we can look at them with the love the Savior has for them, we can help change their lives. I have seen it happen. I know the miraculous power the atonement holds. But it ain't nothing till you call it. Every time we meet someone we have a decision to make- we can take them as they are right now and nothing will change. Or we can imagine their potential and their divine rights as a daughter or son of God and then their is no stop to what they can do and who they can become. It ain't nothing till you call it. Call it right.

Also at Sisters retreat I had the mission nurse look at my leprosy on my arm because it hasn't been healing very well. She said that it was actually shingles! That is why it hurt so bad. I am very lucky though because it didn't spread down the nerve channel and its actually healing well for shingles. They are caused by stress and I did have a very stressful last transfer. All is well though don't worry. So I am continuing to take good care of it so I don't have any ugly scars. 

After Sisters retreat I went on exchanges with my STL to her area in Gilroy. It was really fun!!!! I love going to new areas and meeting new people. The greatest part though was that we went to this nursing home where an old woman with alzheimers lives. It was a very sad place and usually she is always zonked out. But the day we went she was wide awake! So we got to sing and talk to her. But she kept pointing at Sister Billings tag so she gave it to her. She lifted it to her mouth and I thought oh how sweet shes going to kiss it! NO instead she started to EAT IT. She tried sticking the whole thing in her mouth it was hysterical. So that was a great part of the week. 

On Saturday we went to RS general conference. I LOVED President Monson's words. They were so inspired for the people that were listening. When he stood up to the podium I started to cry, never in my life have I felt the Spirit bear witness to me like that, that he truly is a Prophet of God. I just felt such a strong love and reverence for this man. I am so grateful to have a Prophet on the earth.

That is it for the week!!! I love you all SO MUCH!! Really I do! I can't WAIT to see Johnny this week. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! I will try really really hard to write letters this week... but we are going to the beach haha

Love always,
Hermana Fischetti 

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Week in paradise


Wow what a week! I have a new companion Hermana Reid. SHE IS THE BEST! We are having SO much fun together. We came out together on the same day and I feel so lucky. We are tearing up seaside. We had a baptism on Saturday for C and her son! It was such a spiritual day. Sometimes though baptismal days are the hardest, so stressful and I feel like Satan works at us the hardest when the greatest good is being done. So it was kind of a tough day for both us, but everything ended up fantastic. Wow I love being a missionary. I got a great letter from my brother Thomas this week! The first mail I have had in a while, so round of applause to him. We were super busy this week picking up Sister Poznanski's trainee, helping to finish Sister P's training and Sister Reid was area training her. But now we can focus back on our area. General Conference is coming up and everyone better be getting ready! I have never been so excited for Gen Conf in my WHOLE life. It is going to be great. Sounds like the family is doing well, please tell Mikey poo I hope his fingers feel better :(

We rearranged our house so thats been great. Nothing better than a fresh start. And now we only have 4 sisters in our house which is such a relief. I love Seaside I really do. President called the other night and said I would most likely be in this area for 3 more months. I felt like a weight had been lifted, I never want to leave! I know one day I will but for now there is so much work to do. We are gearing up for the luau so everyone please pray for the preparations. We want it to be a huge success and know it has the potential to be fantastic.

One funny thing. Last week I really needed my bands trimmed, they were ugly. And this sister just cut her own hair and it looked awesome so I asked her to cut mine! HAHA bad idea. So it was a busy day and the only chance we had was in this bathroom at the sketchiest thrift shop ive ever been to. So shes cutting it in a bathroom full of mirrors, i look up and i almost pass out. she cut like 4 inches off. my bangs look AWFUL. pictures to come...

All is well. We can always use all the prayers we can get. Mom and Dad a letter will be coming for you in the mail this week... hopefully unless i take a nap. Love you all SO SO SO much!!!!

Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, September 16, 2013

increible! catorce meces mas?! AY AY AY

Can you believe it??? I am 1/4 of the way done! That might not seem like a lot but I feel like time is flying way too fast. Yesterday was the last day of the transfer and wow lots of changes. I am staying here in Seaside, Sister Poznanski is training in the area next to ours, Sister Jensen is getting transferred to another area in the mission and my new companion, Sister Reid, used to be in Sister Poznanski's new area! It will be a lot of fun but it is a little stressful moving packing and getting the house organized. I am really really excited for this next transfer! We have so many great things coming and it is going to be awesome. The ward is really on board with missionary work and are getting pumped up for our Luau. It is certainly exciting. Our luau is going to be AWESOME everyone should come to it. The Tongans are doing a straight up roast pig. sweet right?

Another exciting thing that happened is that K was baptized!!! WAHOO! It was really so incredible. Her testimony is so strong and is such an example to me. She is just so rock solid. We are thrilled to see the example she will be and the influence she will  have in the lives around her. The baptismal font room was packed! The ward was so supportive and it made a big difference in bringing the Spirit.

This week we will have a lot of changes. The mission is tough because everything is always changing. But we learn to adapt. At times it can be really hard, but it is so worth it. I was reading in D&C 15 this AM when it says that preaching repentance and bringing souls to Christ will be the most worth to your soul. I totally believe that. As hard as a mission is, it does have the most worth in changing us and helping us reach potential we didn't know we had.

I love my mission. It seems like time is going too fast. I know I won't be ready to come home when the time comes. As much as I miss my past life and all of you, there is no where I would rather be. The worst part of a mission is thinking about that one day you have to go home to reality. Where you will have to get a job, find a spouse and not have everything provided for you. I think that is how Satan likes to discourage me the most. The hardest days for me are when I think about going home. But I do know how much the Lord loves us and that everything will work out in its proper time and place. Know that I am constantly praying for your success and happiness.


Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Temple Trip!!!!

WOW! What a week here in Seaside! So many things where to begin... First off, thank you again mom for the greatest package known to mankind. That was SO awesome. Thank you. We got to go to the Oakland temple this week!!!! Seriously it was a miracle. One of our investigators, C, is progressing and we just love her so much. We wanted to take her to the temple but we had to find a ride and so all week we were calling calling calling but finally a member with a 15 seater van said they could take us! It was SO great because then she could bring her kids and we could all go. It worked out perfectly. We just had such a spiritual day at the temple. It was certainly a day to remember- walking around the visitors center and everything. Wow. She has a desire to be baptized so we are working on the word of wisdom and baptism will hopefully soon follow.

Being a missionary is the best! Transfers are coming up so I am nervous about getting moved but I don't think I will. We had some change in leadership in our zone this week so that was crazy. But our President is so inspired and I just love him. I feel so lucky to be in this mission serving with him.

We had THREE investigators at church this Sunday! I am pretty sure that is the most my whole mission! So we were super super pumped up about that. The work is really moving forward it is incredible. We are SO excited because our ward is really catching the vision of missionary work. They have a goal to give the missionaries 12 solid referrals in the month of September. So wow that is awesome.

I am doing well. The poison oak is healing but it is scarring really badly so I still look like I have leprosy don't worry Mom I am putting bio oil on it and other stuff to help it heal.

I love you all so much! The Church is true and the Book of Mormon has the capability and power to change lives. We are seeing it here in Seaside and I know that it can happen in all of our lives. I love you!

Hermana Fischetti

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another week in paradise

Hello family!!!

Sorry this is a day late! All the libraries were closed on Labor Day :( Anyways! How is everyone doing? Hope all is well in the real world. It was a tough week because I kept thinking about going back to school and how much fun everyone is having because its the best time of year! Back to school last year was like the best week ever. I hate not being focused so it was a trial. Also it was a tough week because poison oak is taking over my arms and I look like I have leprosy... so thats great. Haha but all is well! Really I love it!

Last night we threw a bonfire for FHE AND IT WAS SO FUN! I will try and have time to send pictures. But a ton of the ward came and it was a blast. The sunset was to die for. I can't believe how lucky I am to be serving in the most beautiful place in the world. Not many missionaries get to have bonfires on the beach for Labor Day. It reminded me of Montauk and all the wonderful memories we have as a family on Labor day.

One of our investigators is getting baptized on September 14!!! We are SO excited for her, she is the greatest ever! I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to help her come closer to Christ. It is the best.

Missions are so great, they really are. The greatest thing is how much we learn and grow. Before my mission I was a total me monster. Everything was about me ... always! And even though I have a long way to go, the mission really teaches you how to lose yourself. Forget about your own needs and own ideas and get to work. It is the Lord's work not ours. I feel blessed to be learning this now because I know how much it will help in the future if I ever get married or stuff.

I read a great talk this AM and in it was the scripture Ezekial 36:26- "I will take away the stony  heart our of your flesh and I will give you an heart of flesh." Then he talked about how some consider the greatest operation is the heart transplant, but sometimes our bodies reject the new heart. But the real miracle operation is what the Lord does to our hearts- the spiritual change of heart. But if we are not doing the daily things to keep it healthy our bodies will reject it. We need to constantly be doing the things that matter, prayer, scripture study and serving those around us.

Anyways, I love you all SO much.
Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Another week!!!

Hello family. Today I don't have a lot of time but I love you all so much! It wasn't a super eventful week so not much to report. We have a new investigator K that is SO awesome and we are so so so thrilled to be teaching her.

C also came to church last week and it was awesome, she was wearing one of the dresses so got and she loved church. So did her children so we are just super excited for her and her progress.

Today is a really stressful day but a great day. I love my companions and I love Seaside. We are serving in the best area in the world. This Church is SO true and we are so blessed to be able to have the Gospel. We are so lucky to have the joy it brings and the peace it can bring.

We have decided to plan a Luau!! We are SO excited about it. It will be the friday before conference and it will be the party of the year. The tongan branch is doing the food... so YUMMY. I love Tongan culture, I think I am going to move there after my mission. We meet loads of tongans and we serve with them and they are just great. So laid back, everything is just relaxed. Also, they really understand the principle of being brothers and sisters. They treat everyone as brothers and sisters. It is incredible. I love it so much. Last transfer Elder Pese was down here and one day in ward council everyone was complaining about finding this list of people whose records where messed up. Then Elder Pese just jumps in and says they are lost sheep and they are our brothers and sisters and it is our job as members to find them! It was so powerful and inspiring and it really set the ward on fire with missionary work.

Love you all so much
Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, August 19, 2013



Pablo, our investigator, was baptized on Saturday. It was the best day of my whole life except when our family was sealed in the Temple! SERIOUSLY! A member sang I like to look for rainbows and everyone was crying. Then Pablo bore his testimony about how he wants his family to join him and everything it was SO spiritual and so great. I feel so so so blessed to get to know him.

Another miracles this week. Chhayana is an investigator of ours that is so awesome. She was recently homeless and is now living with her sister. She has been wanting to know if this is the right path, and the other day she was walking home and saw two white doves fly through the air. Then a few feet down the street she saw a bunch of things in a for free pile. So she looked in a few and saw this white trashbag that had 5 gorgeous new dresses her size! She said it was an answer to her prayers because she feels awkward going to church in pants. The Lord is involved in the details of our lives. So she is really progressing and I just love her SO much!

An investigator we started to teach than passed to the elders was baptized this week too! It was very exciting. He bore his testimony at his baptism and it was so powerful. New members are SO solid its incredible! I wish I had the testimony that they did somedays.

I love this area. I am learning so much and growing in ways I didn't even imagine. One thing our President talked to us about this week was the difference between happiness and fun. Last fall semester I don't think I could have had any more fun than we did. When I get bummed on the mission I think about fall days scooting around or hammocking up the canyon. Those were fun and happy days. But the happiness that the Gospel brings is SO much better. I am sad I won't be at school with everyone, but I have to be here. Because I have to bring this happiness to people that don't already have it. The feelings the Spirit brings is lasting true joy. A fulness of joy. And it is better than anything else we can feel in this life.

The mission is the greatest thing on earth. Really.

Love you all so so much!
Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, August 12, 2013

3 months out... what?


Wow what a week. So Sister Christensen left on Tuesday which was heartbreaking and I miss her so much. Luckily President is cool with her helping me train from afar so I get to call her a lot. I really miss her.

Our new missionary is Sister Poznanski! She is FROM FRANCE!! AHHHH She is so awesome I just love her! She is very happy and a joy to be around. But she is an english sister! Ah! So yes I am training 6 weeks out along with teaching Spanish. It is overwhelming. But if President and the Lord think that I can do this, I most certainly can. We had a lot of miraculous things happen this week. The elders gave us a referral and so we went to their house, and Alex the referral wasn't home, but her sister was! And her sister said this was an answer to her prayers and that she has been waiting for us! So she came to stake conference the day after and it was incredible! The Spirit was so strong and she loved it. We are VERY excited about teaching her. Also, after stake conference a man named Daniel just walked into the church and said I checked out Mormon.org and I want to learn more! So he committed to baptism so we will see! Very exciting! We have another miracle but I don't want to jynx it maybe I will tell you about it next week. We hda an incredible wee

The work is moving forward and we need to open our mouths! I have been studying a lot about charity lately because I need more of it. In Mosiah King Benjamin talks about serving people according to their wants. And it made me realize that we need to serve and love people according to how they receive and feel love. Not just how we like to feel it. The Savior would teach serve and love according to the individual, not just how He would do it. This has always been a problem for me so I am really trying to get better at it. Charity is the key to every relationship. Even hard ones. If we can show love in the way people need it, rather than how we want to show it, miracles will happen. 

I miss you all so much. But I am so happy and thrilled to be serving a mission. If you are ever missing me, which I know you are hehe please pray for us and the work. I really truly need as many prayers as possible to be able to do this.

Love you all to the moon and back,
Hermana Fischetti

P.S. someone tell Erin/Eleanor that Pres. Dong is always talking about them. Thanks for the insider hookup and tell Taylor her family is great! (He is in our stake presidency down here)

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Monday, August 5, 2013


Our new district name is the c side cripz, we even have a gang sign. we can't really do it in public though because we have a lot of gangs hahaha. MAN missionary work is great and we had an AWESOME week.

Armando who was our investigator but we transferred him to the elders WAS BAPTIZED!!!! It was the greatest day ever. The Spirit was so strong. It blew me away. Can't wait for my first real baptism! We counted Armando as half ours haha

Also we went to Girls camp!! We got to speak to the Girls and it was so awesome. The Spirit just guided us its incredible what we can do to help the Lords work. We got them TOTALLY pumped up for missionary work annndd we sang the new lyrics to as sisters in zion and it was mindblowing. so good. the spirit was just so strong. ALSO the Santa Cruz mountains where girls camp is is the most gorgeous place on EARTH. post mish roadtrippin.

So Sister Christensen is now a Sister Training Leader and leaving Seaside :( Which means I am training! AHHHH. so please pray for me and especially pray for my new little trainee! It is going to be a wild ride but I feel really blessed.

As far as investigators are going we are having a hard time so please pray for us to find PROGRESSING investigators. Everyone loves our message but no one actually wants to take action. It is so frustrating at times. But I LOVE being a missionary. I am also realizing the importance of being happy and positive. We have the greatest message in the whole world and eternities and people NEED it. but why on earth would they want it if we are grumpy nasty or tired! We have a few sisters who are like that down here and it is frustrating. No matter what we always have to be just so full of life and smiling because thats like bearing our testimony in itself!

I love you all so so much and miss you tons but wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Hermana Fischetti

P.S. Because Sis Chris is leaving if anyone can burn some CDs of EFY music we would really appreciate and if you could find teh song Praise the Man its an EFY song we would all love you forever

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Monday, July 29, 2013



Fue una BUENA SEMANA! We had some awesome experiences. We had TWO investigators at church!! It was extremely exciting. One of our investigators brought a friend to learn about the church to our english class and THEN that friend referred us to someone else!!! Pretty exciting to see the Gospel moving forward. Nothing is really new here sorry this will be a boring letter. Our investigator that we were hoping would get baptized ... didn't. Satan works on people SO hard when they have a baptismal date set. Its sad and frustrating but we are doing our best. Transfers are coming up this week so we are bumming about that, we don't know what is going to happen. Hopefully everything just stays the same for another transfer.

The other morning we had an appt with someone, so as we were locking our bikes someone opened the door. then they closed it and wouldn't answer when we knocked... classic haha

We taught a very very sweet lesson to 2 homeless ladies Priscilla and Wanda. I just love them. Hopefully we can find them again though because they are homeless and their phone just got shut off randomly so I don't know about that.

I love love love how humble being a missionary makes you. Seriously to be successful we can't have any pride. It is hard at times so hard, but I am growing in ways I never even imagined. It is incredible. I feel so blessed to be here and to have the opportunity to let the Lord shape me and allow me to grow into the person he needs me to be. I know this Church is true. I love it. I love the Book of Mormon. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a missionary, how did I get so lucky to serve in the most beautiful place in the world?!

Les amo muchisimo!!!

Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, July 22, 2013


WOW THIS WEEK WAS CRAZYYY!! But the best ever. First on Tuesday at our English class a boy we met on the street once showed up and he said I want to learn more and one day I want to be a missionary! Miracle! So we are teaching him english and teaching him the Gospel. Very exciting. On Friday we went on exchanges so I was with Sister Wood all day! She is a STELLAR missionary and we had a ton of fun together. That day we went to an investigators house named Carolina, we thought she was rock solid until she yells at us No esta no esta! Which means she is not here and we asked her when we could come back and she said Nunca (never) so... she dropped us haha. We also think she has multiple personalities. Yeah she is interesting. We might try again to see if we can get a good personality haha.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and we were all telling embarrassing stories about being a missionary. Elder Pese is from Tonga and he is really funny. So I guess last week they taught a lesson to an investigator and her whole family was there, and Elder Pese told this elaborate story about how he ran away from home and then he came back and went on a mission Prodigal son stuff. And the whole family was crying and they walk out of the appointment and he turns to Elder Lovo and says I made that whole story up, Christ taught in parables right? HAHAHHAHA so funny.

Saturday was the best day EVER! Oh my gosh!!! we spent ALL day decorating the building because no one from the ward really volunteered. But we had 3 awesome ladies from the relief society that just hit it out of the park. So grateful for their help. One is named Sister Stainbrook she is our mom here in Seaside and she reminds me of Mom so I just love her! It was gorgeous seriously the gym is so ugly but it ended up being magical. We did floral arrangements and everything, pictures to follow. It was an incredible day. So hopefully Ricardo will be baptized this week now! I can't even explain how everything came together. You could tell the Lord was behind us because of how everything turned out. As missionaries we are so blessed.

Yesterday one of the recent converts was supposed to speak... Well we tried to help him with his talk but he disappeared. Literally wouldn't answer his phone or anything. So 15 minutes before the meeting started I was asked to speak AH! But it ended up great. I love Alma 17:2-3. It was a really awesome experience to just be able to teach with the Spirit. Being a missionary is the greatest thing on earth!

Love you all so much!

Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, July 15, 2013



This week has been interesting to say the least! First our bikes broke so we were on foot for a few days. That was a joke. We had a day where no one let us actually into their homes BUT we still taught 7 lessons! It was because that night was a night of miracles. We were at the church building teaching english and a 13 yr old girl walked up to the church and said hey I want to know more! So we are now teaching her. AND 2 of the teachers for english class are from the army base Fort Ord and they both want to learn more! One is in love with the Book of Mormon and is so so solid. We are excited about him but will probably transfer him over to the singles ward elders. Which is great we love to support and help other companionships. We taught 34 lessons this week AND we are on bikes... so yeah Seaside sisters are pretty much best in the mission. We have a WEDDDING!!! Saturday is the big day and we are so so excited. Then a week later the man who is getting married will be baptized!!! AHHHHH we are so  SO SO SO excited. The missionaries have been working with them for over a year so this is a huge deal. We have been teaching a lot but as always its hard for people to keep commitments but nonetheless the work is moving forward. One of our investigators danced for us this week and sang oh gosh he is hilarious. Another one of our investigators we passed over to the elders because he is a little crazy. He has severe PTSD so he is interesting. He wants to get an Angel Moroni tattoo and he just says lots of strange things. We will see what happens... Yesterday we threw a linger longer with root beer floats at the ward and EVERYONE came and us and the elders had 6 investigators there!! We were pumped. Super successful and lots of great fellowshipping happening. Our elders are SUPER solid here so we work a lot with them, it is awesome.

What I am realizing about missions is that at times its hard, but you just learn to be uncomfortable. And once you learn to be uncomfortable everything is comfortable. Sometimes days are just exhausting or my companions are driving me nuts but then we see the tender mercies of the Lord in this work and everything is just beautiful. I love being on a mission. It is already changing me so much and I have only been out 2 months! I feel so lucky so so lucky to be serving here. It is the perfect place. I know that I am here on the Lord's errand and that Christ is at the head of this Church. We are all so blessed.

Love you all so much!
Sister Fischetti

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Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July ...


The mission is great. It really is. Even at times when it is discouraging I love it. I am learning and growing so so much.

Tuesday was seriously a day of miracles. A woman that is less active but her boyfriend wants to get baptized (they live together) they decided to get married!! So we are now officially wedding planners and 3 weeks to plan it! great right?! Also on Tuesday someone literally knocked at our door saying they want to get baptized. It was ironic because the night before we were saying we would work so hard that people would be lining up at our door waiting for us to get up! And he really did. He is an interesting guy hopefully he will get baptized in a few weeks. We are teaching a few families but our biggest work is with less actives. It is great. We have a man in our ward named Roque. He is the best, he always comes with us to lessons and we all ride our bikes together it is so fun I will send a picture soon. Best buds. Also a hermano in our ward comes along with us too Hermano Lopez he is funny. One of our appts fell through when he was with and he was just grabbing people off the street to hear a five minute lesson from us. It was hysterical. He is solid.

 Exact obedience brings miracles.

Then the rest of the week was pretty slow because of fourth of July. We had a great great great BBQ and taught a few ppl from the army. Fort Ord is in our ward so most people are here to learn languages before they get their assignments. It is interesting and also very cool. We also met a LOT of intoxicated people this week so that was interesting haha

Learning the conversion stories of our members is one of my favorite parts of the mission. It is seriously amazing. The worst part of the mission is when we are at church and waiting for people to come and no one does... it is hard. But we are doing our very best and trying to figure out the most effective way to BAPTIZE SEASIDE! haha It is great though.

My testimony is growing so so strong and I just love this area and the people here. I love the culture, it is so incredibly different than anything I have experienced but it is such a blessing.

I love you all so very much and I hope you can feel the Lords love everyday. Because He is there listening and trying to help us, we just have to let Him. I love this work, but the missionaries need help! So get working hard!

Hermana Fischetti

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Monday, July 1, 2013

HIIII!!!! I AM IN MONTEREY CALIFORNIA ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Man I love being on a mission the field is so so much better than the MTC I love it!

I am on a bike so everyone start laughing now. Just imagine me on a bike with a skirt going up literal mountains everyday. It is so hard and so so tiring but I do love it. We get the opportunity to meet so so many new people and the exercise always keeps me positive and smiling. Also an added bonus is already I lost all the weight I gained in the MTC! Yay!

So yeah so far it has been really really incredible here. I have 2 companions Sister Christensen and Sister Jensen. Jensen is waiting on her visa for brazil so she is learning Spanish and Portugese! I am constantly in awe of her. I love speaking Spanish even though I am not very good at it, being able to share the Gospel with people in their native language is one of the greatest blessings I can even imagine. There is a Spirit in it that I never even thought possible. We have had many incredible experiences already. A lot of our time is spent building up the area strengthening less actives and also contacting on the streets.

We taught an incredible lesson to a woman last night you could just see the glow in her eyes that she wanted this Gospel. She committed to be baptized so hopefully we can help her get there! Although everyone commits to baptism and then hide from us when we visit them hahah it is okay though. Sometimes the days are hard and frustrating biking all around and no one is home but man is it great.

We had an awesome lesson last night with a family- the husband is probably one of the strongest Latino members in the ward but his wife is totally inactive. He just opened up to us and we were all crying and the Spirit was so strong. Miracles can and will happen I just know. I shared Dads conversion story and I just started crying. I am so incredibly grateful that Dad is a member of the Church. That we can have this great joy together and be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. There is nothing else on this earth I can ask for more. I love this work so so much. We are so blessed.

One funny thing while we were contacting on Fri. we started talking to this lady and she was like oh ladies come into my club! It was hysterical we went in and she showed up around explained the history which I think is non existent b/c the building looked brand new and would not let us get a word in. It was SO random and so funny and it kind of reminded of some of the ladies at WCC. haha.

Anyways I LOVE THIS CHURCH! I love this Gospel. I am so incredibly grateful to be on a mission it is the greatest thing on earth. The work is hastening so GET TO WORK. Help the missionaries.

Love you all to the moon and back

Hermana Fischetti

My new address (send letters :) !!! )

Sister Fischetti
1280 Soto St
Seaside CA 93955

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The MTC in Photos - It was a great week!

Birthday Love!

 Celebrating MTC Style

Yorktown Ward Represents!

Adios MTC!

Another day another dollar...
This week was great! Especially because it was MY BIRTHDAY 22 years old. Lots of great cards and packages thank you everyone! I had a really fun day. All of the elders wrote me cards which was nice, sisters gave me lots of candy and then an elder from Brazil sang Taylor Swifts 22 to me. It was fun. And it was Sunday which is like the best day of the week so it was a win win all around! Besides that nothing really new here Spanish is hard but coming along as always. Last night Piggott and I were in the choir again at the MTC it was so funny though because we were in the back so naturally we were joking around not taking it too seriously but all the girls around us were death glaring us, then the conducter said something about like mezzoforte or something idk? anyways then i was like ohhhh is that what these fs are on the page and everyone around us just busted up laughing it was so funny. maybe you had to be there idk.
Oh last night someone named Robert C. Gay came and spoke to us I am almost positive he used to live in the Newtown ward and then he was a mission pres in Africa is this true? Anyways he gave an amazing talk and we all loved it.
Yesterday we spoke with a girl on skype from SPAIN! She was so cool. Anyways she is preparing for her mission and stuff so we were talking about our missions and stuff it was really fun. We do it to mostly practice our Spanish which is helpful. Anyways, I started bearing my testimony and then I said Yo amo mi mission. And all of the sudden it clicked in my head I love my mission! I love it so much I almost started crying! My heart was just so full, I am so grateful to have this experience and to grow and learn in way I never have before. It has truly been incredible and I am only one month + one week in! Can't wait to see what the field holds. Another cool experience I had this week was in class the other day our teacher was talking to us about focusing on our missions and giving the will to the Lord. We have been reading the 4th missionary as a district so giving my will to the Lord has been on my mind a lot. Especially because it has been really hard for me to forget about what is going on at home or with friends or whatever. Anyways we read in Romans 8 which is one of my favorite chapters of scripture I forget what verses but the ones about hope really hit me. The future is going to happen no matter what, whatever is going to be fulfilled will be fulfilled and I just need to foucs on right now. I don't need to worry about my future job or school or anything I just need to focus on being a good missionary and doing the Lords work and everything will work out! It was just really helpful for me.
Nothing else to exciting has really been happening. Just finishing up our last week at the MTC and then off to California!!!! I can't wait! I especially can't wait to baptize Mark Zuckerberg!! Jk jk
Also there is a worldwide broadcast for the Church on Sunday night 4pm my time, EVERYONE should watch it!! It is being broadcast from the Marriott center so I will be there! It is going to be an awesome meeting the 12 and the First Presidency will be there it is going to be very exciting and maybe you will get to see me on TV :)
Yo se que este iglesia es verdadera.
Adios! Con todo mi amor y mi corazon
Hermana Fischetti

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


ONE MONTH DOWN!!! 17 to go.
This week was pretty sweet. I can't even explain how happy I am. I don't think I have ever felt so happy in my whole life! Seriously this work is awesome. We have taught a lot of great lessons and I just feel great all around. Everyone morning I wake up singing in my head "and wake up and do something more than dream of your mansions above..." lolz but really helps me get out of bed. I am used to waking up so early that this morning we slept in because it is P day and we couldn't sleep past 715... I mean am I the same person? I don't even know. It is good though because then we accomplish so much. Piggott and I have been working so hard this week and its been making a huge difference. Our language is really coming along and our lessons have been incredible. Last night we had our first Tuesday Devotional at the Marriott because there are so many missionaries! It was incredible we sang in the choir that was a little rough but still its great. Amazing that there are so many missionaries we are seriously an army.
This week I used my whoopy cushion under the door of a class whoops got in some trouble lol
I don't have a lot to write because we do the same thing all week. On Monday Piggott and I taught a lesson to an investigator about Alma 32 and faith. It went really well the whole time, her spanish is getting SO good and it was great. Then at the end I felt impressed to share my testimony that Christ is our Savior. During it I have never felt the Spirit so strong it was one of the most special spiritual experiences of my life. I wish I could put it into words to explain it but I can't. It was just the sweetest thing and I have been riding a spiritual high off of it since then. Seriously you could feel the Spirit around us wow it was awesome.
On Sunday night we watched an old devotional given by David A Bednar called Character of Christ. Oh my gosh it was so powerful I wish ya'll could watch it but you can't because it is an MTC devotional. If you want my notes from it let me know because it is the best thing I have ever heard in my whole life. He talked a lot about losing ourselves and turning outward towards other people in service, and then the Lord will find us. I am trying my very best to lose myself and focus on the future. I hope that as I devote my whole mind soul everything to the Lord one day I will come home from my mission knowing I gave it my absolute all and the Lord will help me figure out what is next. I don't need to worry about it now. He also said Saint means becoming more like the Savior not just working hard. I have been trying to focus on that too. To not just work hard to learn the lang or understand the lessons but to develop Christ like qualities and be the most like Christ I can possibly be. This Gospel is seriously incredible.
Also we had a really great devotional last night by someone from the 70 Elder Arnold. He gave a great talk about the things we need to do to be great missionaries. He talked about seeing the best in others, seeing our investigators not as they are but who they can be through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Everything he said was awesome and I hope I can start doing this more especially when sisters or elders in my district drive me a little nuts lol.
This morning the elders switched over our laundry for us... we are obviously a litttle to comfortable with each other. We are actually all like family haha. Can't believe I will be leaving in 2 weeks I am SOOOO excited to get out to the field but also sad the MTC is almost over which is surprising. The district next to us are our best friends and they leave on Monday we are all so sad it is going to be so weird without all of them here. Also if anyone wanted an update on my VolleyBall skills I am basically a professional now. We straight kill it in gym now. It is so fun I am going to miss everyone so much!! I am the only one going to San Jose so it is kind of a bummer. After the mish we are all going to Lake Powell on one of their houseboats and reuniting its going to be a blast.
Alma 27: 17-18
Hermana Fischetti

 Have a Slothy Day!

P.S. Mom- can you email me the return shipping form from gap.com/shipping I can't access it and they didn't send one in the package and I don't want to have to pay to ship it when it can be free. Also can you send me a laminated picture that can fit in my scrips of my Baptism with Grandpa and also when we were sealed at the temple? thanks!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Haga jugadas, page derechos (make moves pay dues)

Hope everyone is doing well. If you are reading this send me an email or write me a dear elder... I miss my friends and family! Anyways this has been an awesome week. Lots of fun as always and lots of spiritual stuff. For gym time this week we played volleyball everyday, and I am so so bad at it. The first time we played I would run away from the ball because I was scared, but now I am getting a lot better! We have so much fun and we play outside so everyone just yells and we all get our energy out. We are so close as a whole zone and we all do everything together its always a blast. It is crazy how close we are. I never really expected to make new friends on my mission I don't really know why but seriously I have made so many best friends already. We are planning reunions and figuring out where we will all live when we get back to Provo. So much fun. Liz came and visited me at the temple this week!!! It was the BEST seriously THE BEST. Oh I also saw Brookies nana here last night, nothing better than seeing familiar faces. Cant believe they are going to London Brooke that is going to be SO AWESOME. I gave her a big hug for you. She also has a picture of us on her phone I think I helped her text it to you but if not ask her.
We got a new district in our zone last week, and for some reason they all call me abuela (grandma) because I am the oldest by 2 years pretty much. So I call them my ninitos (little children) it is really funny. We are getting a new district of 8 elders today and we are all so excited. It is weird because I am the same age as all the teachers so we are like friends but everyone else thinks they are so old and mature lol. Also the elders in our district are seriously nuts, its hysterical. At night time they have been making videos of making each other pass out... its so weird but so funny. Also kind of dangerous. cualquievs. We have started to make up out own language abbreviating spanish words and making english phrases into spanish. the teachers hate but also i know they love it.
Our lessons have been going well we are so awesome at teaching together, I dont mean it in a bragging way but we just read each others minds in every single lesson its incredible. ill think something and she will say it and vice versa. We are best friends, I could not have gotten any luckier. Everyone has started calling us the twins because we look a little bit alike but also tease each other in funny ways like siblings. We have so much fun together. Seriously every person on earth should go on a mission. First of all you have a holiday every week... P day. Tuesday night is actually Christmas eve and the PDAY morning is Christmas morning. Who wouldn't want that. But also I am learning the best life habits ever. Waking up early, doing work all day, going to bed at a normal hour... I hope I am like this the rest of my life. And  I go to bed and wake up grinning seriously everyday. No matter how hard the work is or how frustrating at times it can be, I have never felt so much joy in my whole life. It is the best! Everyone should read the talk Road to Damascus by Dieter Uchtdorf. I am really working on applying this principal in my life. The only times I get down is when I start looking back and missing things or people or fun times we all had. But as soon as I change my view and look to all the amazing times to come, I get so happy again. No reason to dwell in the past.  Also when we are dwelling in the past we miss opportunities to teach serve and meet new people. Life is full of endless possiblities don't lose them.
On Sunday we had fast sunday... kill me. But because of that we had mission conference where we heard from the entire mission presidency here it was awesome. President Nally spoke about the Doctrine of Christ, but at the beginning he spoke about 11 missionaries who serve here at the MTC for 2 years because they are mentally and physically challenged. They have had 110 baptisms this year alone, seriously on fire. He had 2 of them bear their testimonies and I think the whole room was in tears. It is amazing to see their dedication to the Lord, if they can do it I can do it. It made me think too of all the fun times we had with Brandon Logan and graysons other boys. So much fun, I really want to do something with handicapped children in the future. I am so glad michael got to participate in the special olympics, that is so cool!! I was just so touched by the experience I wish everyone could have heard their testimonies.
If someone could please send me the lyrics to hot cheetos and takis I would love you forever. And when I say please I mean do it ASAP.
Finally, I was studying Alma 17 yesterday. I remember reading vs. 2 when all my friends were out on missions and thinking I can't wait to be reunited with them. Now its the other way around. So you all better be working hard and still be my brethern or sisters in the Lord when I see you in 17 or so months!!
Sorry if my english is very poor, we try and only speak spanish so I am actually forgetting the language i spoke for 22 years.
"I don't know how to get anything done except getting on my knees and pleading for help and then getting on my feet and going to work." - President Hinckley
Love you all to the MOON AND BACK!
Hermana Fischetti
P.S. Aly if you read this send me your email so I can email you
P.P.S. Michael Watterson if you read this and don't write me soon I will come home from my mission and kill you
P.P.P.S If someone could find me an instrumental version of Taylor Swifts 22 put it on a CD with other songs by the Piano Guys then send it to me I will love you forever

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 2 straight killing it

What's up?! So this week was same as always. Nothing really too exciting since last week except that time is flying by. I feel like I was just sitting at this computer last time. Sundays are my new favorite day because we watch Music and the Spoken Word and it's basically like a nature video. I feel like I am actually watching Planet Earth - it's the best. Two nights ago, we were telling scary spooky demon stories - it was nuts. Like people in my district have cast out evil spirits before I am not sure if this is okay to post but whatev. So yeah that was super crazy. We also spend a pretty good amount of time talking about clones, zombie apocolypse and what not so nothing new has really changed for me. Don't worry, I am super focused, but sometimes you just need a brain breather after learning how to conjugate irregular verbs amiright?! Someone tell Erin that I literally walked by her house on the way to the health center the other day, I kept praying I would see her but alas, I did not. Spanish is coming along, we have 2 new investigators, which are just teachers, but it is still cool to feel the Spirit and start to learn how to teach. It is so exhausting though. The past few days have been really good, I am finally getting used to the schedule and what not. My companion is seriously the bomb.com. We get along soooo well. We are going to live together when we get back until her missionary gets home and they get married. Oh, one funny thing - I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but again cualquier (whatever). So in devotional last night, the speaker talked about the example of his grandson and how he always slept with a picture of Christ next to his bed. So in the testimony meeting after, Elder Miller bore his testimony and said I hope we can all sleep with Christ in our bed every night. Me, Hermana Piggott, Hermana Tracy and Elder Tipton almost peed in our pants trying to hold in our laughter. It just sounded so funny. Luckily, no one actually started laughing because the Branch President was giving us the evil eye lolol. The things that make us laugh nowadays lol. Another thing that is funny is that some Elders asked me on the first day if I was Italian and I said yes, but then they told other people that I am from Italy... lol so for like a week, everyone thought I was some awesome exotic Italian... obvs they still think I'm awesome, but it was just funny when they found out I am just from New York and my family left Italy like 3 generations ago. But I guess I look exactly like someone in my zone's best friend who was born in Italy. So that is cool. When I get home, I am moving there to be among my people. Elder Miller, sorry I always tell stories about him but he is really the only funny one, but he was trying to get us like happy about the day, I dont really know anyways. So his mantra is now "another day, another dollar... celestial dollar". Everyday we earn dollars towards our salvation. whenever anyone is getting down in the district we always say that and everyone starts laughing and it's happy again. Also, I haven't tripped once since I have been at the MTC - serious blessing for being a missionary!!
I have really been focusing on just turning my will to the Lord's. Some days it is really hard because I just want to be me and do what I want, but I can't because this is what I chose to do. But I am learning that if we can give up our desires, our wants, and even our sins, see Alma 22:18, then we truly can be blessed and become what God needs us to be. And when we can become what God needs us to be, we will be so HAPPY. That is what it is all about, finding true, enduring happiness and peace about our lives, choices, families, and everything. I know that sometimes we think it is easy to do fun things now and forget about the Lord. But the thing is those fun things go away and you are left with nothing. But, when we are close to the Lord, he never forsakes us - through thick and thin. Sometimes it's hard learning Spanish because we don't spend as much time learning Gospel principles, but there is balance in everything and my testimony has grown more in 2 weeks than it has in 21 years. I love this Church and I love the blessings it provides in our lives and the comfort it can bring during times of trial. Everyone read 1 Corinthians and study Paul, I just love it. Especially chapters 13 and 15. Man so good. This week I also read Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon, and never before have I so clearly understood or wanted to understand the allegory. It is so beautiful!!! My favorite verse is verse 50- I can just imagine Christ pleading before the Father saying spare Caitlin a little longer. She can do it. She will be better, I know it. I love the scriptures in a totally new way now. They really can be our personal liahonas.
During the funeral of Sister Monson, Eyring quoted President Monson saying "memories provide the June roses of the Decembers of our lives." I love that. Whenever I get sad or down or tired, I just think about all the wonderful people and memories I have at home and school and know that I can do this. I love you all so much! I miss you all even more than you probably imagine!
Can someone in the family please print out a few photos and give them to Grammy? Thanks! I told her I would send her a few, but we don't have a photo printer here! Also, I am really worried I am getting fat so everyone please send me workouts especially insanity workouts.

Hermana Fischetti