"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Monday, January 27, 2014

I am on email right now sorry my schedule has been crazy on mondays. We were told on Friday that today we would be moving apartments so we have been moving all day. I have realized there are 2 kinds of people in the world: those that like to throw things away and those that don't. I like to throw things away. I need to marry someone that likes to throw things away so we don't have problems. So moving was a little stressful. Hopefully we will survive because tomorrow we have interviews at our apartments and they need to be spotless. On the brightside, we have a newly renovated apartment so I feel very spoiled. Our old apartment had vietnamese elders living in it for 15 years so it was a little gross to say the least haha.
We have had a great week. Very busy but great. We are still facing a lot of adversity and police men have started to tell us our area is too dangerous so we are fasting tomorrow to figure out where to work and when etc. we might switch areas with the elders if we can't figure something out. Yesterday I was able to speak at the baptism of Junior, a boy we have been teaching- his mom is a recent convert so he doesn't count as a convert baptism but we still love him a lot.
We have been volunteering at a citizenship class the elders teach to vietnamese people- its so fun. And this sunday one of our students walked in to the spanish ward!! so we communicated with her somehow it was a miracle and she was able to make it to the vietnamese branch. it was really funny. and a miracle. we are struggling to get our investigators to church but at least we can help other missionaries! haha
 Sorry I can't even think about what to write because I am tired and stressed but its going to be a great week. I love you all so much!!
Also for Fast Sunday the entire state of California is fasting because of the drought- its really really bad here, so if you could all keep that in your fasts also we would really appreciate it!! Also Chhayana and her kids
Hermana Fischetti

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wow can you believe another transfer has passed?! Sister Arias and I are staying the same in Yerba Buena. We are really excited because we finally have a lot of good work going on so we didn't want to have to adjust again. And we finished her training so now we have more time to do missionary work. Getting new companions are hard. And Sister Reid just got transferred to Los Colinas which is right next to me and shes a sister training leader! (stl) So we will get to go on exchanges and I am super super excited. This week in transfer meeting they called like 10 new STLs! its crazy so now theres a companionship of stls in every zone. its pretty cool. im really glad i got transferred last time transfer though because i really dont want to be an stl. i like being a normal missionary and training. so my daughter (sister poznanski) and my granddaughter (sister monson) are stls which is super cool! im pumped for all of them they are awesome missionaries.
We are teaching a lot of families for the first time in my mission which is really cool. Seriously like 4 or 5  families. They are great but its really hard at the same time because no one is married. And it costs a lot of money to get a license so we can't marry them. So that is tough but we are trying to figure something out. I know the Lord will bless us as we work harder and are more consecrated. We were able to set a baptismal date with an investigator named Anna- its kind of shaky and she didn't come to church on sunday so we are not so sure. But missionary work is awesome and we are just really excited about Yerba Buena. I am really trying to focus on learning spanish so hopefully that will help haha
We got to go hiking at Pt Lobos yesterday in Monterey!!! President let us borrow his car and we drove down there. It was the best p day ever. I love Seaside. I wish I could express how much I love it. Seriously im sorry mom and dad but im going back and living there after the mission! hahahaha It was just the best day.

On another note, my recent convert in Seaside, Chhayana, has gone missing with her 2 kids. I can't really provide details but we are really really worried for them. So if you could please keep them in your prayers I would really appreciate it. I am so worried about them. Along with them, Analia who I worked with a lot is also facing some family trials so please keep her and her kids in your prayers. I love Yerba Buena, but its really hard to hear about Seaside and the things going on there and not be able to help. But its ok because the Lord has a plan for the area and I know everything will work out.
Mom and Dad my camera is officially destroyed. So I shopped around at Walmart and found a camera that is perfect for $80- I am going to use a little money from my account and my christmas money to pay for it is that ok? hopefully yes because im going to buy it before i talk to you next haha i need a camera! im missing priceless memories! 
Hope all is well and I love you lots! Michael I hope you got a good report from the doctor and you are doing okay! love you! 
Hermana Fischetti  

Monday, January 13, 2014

This week has been the BEST WEEK OF MY WHOLE MISSION HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAD S I X investigators at church SIX!! Our numbers this week were out of this world it was incredible. We worked so hard and I am so so exhausted but it was seriously the best week of missionary work ever ever. We are teaching incredible families that have been prepared and it is AWESOME.
So first we are teaching la familia Barragon. I talked about them last week but they actually came to church this Sunday so there is a chance they can get baptized on their date! But first we have to get them married. So we found out on tuesday they weren't married and we were super bummed so much to overcome. And then the sisters told us if they are legal or have some kind of residency they can't get married and we were so depressed. but then our bishop told us in ward council that isn't true!! so our spirits are high again. then all of church on sunday was about being together forever as a family and it was so perfect. we are going to talk to them about marriage this week. I am really excited. They are totally totally prepared to be baptized. They love reading the Book of Mormon- they do it every night as a family. It is adorable. I am super excited for them.
Then this man Matteo came to church with his kids- we started teaching them but they havent kept any committments and his girlfriend kind of hates us so its been really tough. But the kids adore us. So on sunday we were running late to church because we had to stop by at someone elses house but then as we were driving by matteos we were like oh man we just have to stop in and say hi. so we did and they were getting ready for church!! they got ready and came it was seriously a miracle. I am so excited to be teaching them and he bore his testimony in sunday school- it was so powerful. Sheesh its just been incredible.
On Saturday we played indoor soccer with some of the youth and our investigators, it was so fun. I love playing soccer its the highlight to every week. Also on tuesday Hermana Arias got bit by a dog!!!! hahahahahaha it was so funny. she went to hug the lady we were teaching and the dog just latched on to her arm, luckily she was wearing a thick jacket so she was okay and we can laugh about it now. but man it was so funny.
All week long the quote that thomas said from his mission president has been ringing in my head- "if not you then who if not now then when?" with our mission goal so high we have a lot of work to do, and i realized its not the mission thats going to accomplish it. its us as companionships working our butts off and listening to the Spirit to be able to find the people prepared. we can't hope that other missionaries have a lot of success we have to a lot of success. and we are definitely seeing it.
mom can you send me my camera card asap? i want to send pictures back to seaside! thank you!!!!
i love you all so much and hope you are doing great!
hermana fischetti

Monday, January 6, 2014

It is officially 2014- WHAT THE QUAN?! How is time going so fast? It is actually unreal. As I have been making my goals for the year it is overwhelming, because I have to complete my goals for my mission along with thinking about what happens the next time I get on a plane. It is crazy. But I am so excited for this year. Our mission goal for baptisms is 1300. If we can baptize like that, it is on South America proportions. We are going to blow California out of the water. So a lot of hard work is ahead, which is good. I really am loving San Jose. The missionaries here are so dedicated and work so so hard. Which is awesome. Seaside will always have a huge part of my heart but I am attached to San Jose. We had an awesome week. First of all we set THREE baptismal dates with a family we met. It was crazy because a few weeks ago we taught them a lesson and it was just so so. Then we couldn't find them for 3 weeks so we were pretty much dropping them. But the other day we kind of stopped by for a last chance lesson and it was so powerful. We are really excited about them, but they didn't come to church but thats ok because next week they will. Our investigator Manuel that came to church last week dropped us because he really loves his friends at his church. Which is sad but oh well. We are teaching 2 kids J and R, and J came to church this week! It was awesome because we got to go to YW with her and everyone was super silent. But we were able to share our testimonies about our loving Heavenly Father and how he helps us and it was so powerful. We are hoping to set a baptismal date with her this week. Otherwise things are moving forward. Transfers are in 2 weeks and there is a chance I could move again but we will see. Mom so glad the wedding went off sounds like it was incredible. And everyone wish Aly Keller CONGRATULATIONS BECAUSE SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!! AHHHHH IM SO EXCITED!!!!!
This week in my personal studies I have been really analyzing what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. So first I was studying Abinadi, man he is so awesome. He didn't get to see any of success. Literally none. Instead he was burned alive because he preached the word of God. He put everything on the alter of sacrifice for the work of the Lord. He even put his life. And because of that if you look at his family tree of missionary work he brought tens of thousands of people to repentance and baptism. Because of him the Nephite army was righteous enough and large enough to withstand the lamanites. If he hadn't converted alma- who then converted his own son and then he helped re convert the sons of mosiah, the nephites would have surely been destroyed. its incredible. So I have really been focusing on what I am willing to put on the alter of sacrifice. To give up and devote myself more fully to the work of the Lord. one of those things is my pride. I know the Lord is not asking me to give my life, but I am asked to give my heart might mind and strength. So part of my new years resolutions is to really develop and become a true disciple of Christ- to become the person He has planned.
I love you all so much and hope you have an incredible week! Good luck with everything!
Hermana Fischetti