"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 2 straight killing it

What's up?! So this week was same as always. Nothing really too exciting since last week except that time is flying by. I feel like I was just sitting at this computer last time. Sundays are my new favorite day because we watch Music and the Spoken Word and it's basically like a nature video. I feel like I am actually watching Planet Earth - it's the best. Two nights ago, we were telling scary spooky demon stories - it was nuts. Like people in my district have cast out evil spirits before I am not sure if this is okay to post but whatev. So yeah that was super crazy. We also spend a pretty good amount of time talking about clones, zombie apocolypse and what not so nothing new has really changed for me. Don't worry, I am super focused, but sometimes you just need a brain breather after learning how to conjugate irregular verbs amiright?! Someone tell Erin that I literally walked by her house on the way to the health center the other day, I kept praying I would see her but alas, I did not. Spanish is coming along, we have 2 new investigators, which are just teachers, but it is still cool to feel the Spirit and start to learn how to teach. It is so exhausting though. The past few days have been really good, I am finally getting used to the schedule and what not. My companion is seriously the bomb.com. We get along soooo well. We are going to live together when we get back until her missionary gets home and they get married. Oh, one funny thing - I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but again cualquier (whatever). So in devotional last night, the speaker talked about the example of his grandson and how he always slept with a picture of Christ next to his bed. So in the testimony meeting after, Elder Miller bore his testimony and said I hope we can all sleep with Christ in our bed every night. Me, Hermana Piggott, Hermana Tracy and Elder Tipton almost peed in our pants trying to hold in our laughter. It just sounded so funny. Luckily, no one actually started laughing because the Branch President was giving us the evil eye lolol. The things that make us laugh nowadays lol. Another thing that is funny is that some Elders asked me on the first day if I was Italian and I said yes, but then they told other people that I am from Italy... lol so for like a week, everyone thought I was some awesome exotic Italian... obvs they still think I'm awesome, but it was just funny when they found out I am just from New York and my family left Italy like 3 generations ago. But I guess I look exactly like someone in my zone's best friend who was born in Italy. So that is cool. When I get home, I am moving there to be among my people. Elder Miller, sorry I always tell stories about him but he is really the only funny one, but he was trying to get us like happy about the day, I dont really know anyways. So his mantra is now "another day, another dollar... celestial dollar". Everyday we earn dollars towards our salvation. whenever anyone is getting down in the district we always say that and everyone starts laughing and it's happy again. Also, I haven't tripped once since I have been at the MTC - serious blessing for being a missionary!!
I have really been focusing on just turning my will to the Lord's. Some days it is really hard because I just want to be me and do what I want, but I can't because this is what I chose to do. But I am learning that if we can give up our desires, our wants, and even our sins, see Alma 22:18, then we truly can be blessed and become what God needs us to be. And when we can become what God needs us to be, we will be so HAPPY. That is what it is all about, finding true, enduring happiness and peace about our lives, choices, families, and everything. I know that sometimes we think it is easy to do fun things now and forget about the Lord. But the thing is those fun things go away and you are left with nothing. But, when we are close to the Lord, he never forsakes us - through thick and thin. Sometimes it's hard learning Spanish because we don't spend as much time learning Gospel principles, but there is balance in everything and my testimony has grown more in 2 weeks than it has in 21 years. I love this Church and I love the blessings it provides in our lives and the comfort it can bring during times of trial. Everyone read 1 Corinthians and study Paul, I just love it. Especially chapters 13 and 15. Man so good. This week I also read Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon, and never before have I so clearly understood or wanted to understand the allegory. It is so beautiful!!! My favorite verse is verse 50- I can just imagine Christ pleading before the Father saying spare Caitlin a little longer. She can do it. She will be better, I know it. I love the scriptures in a totally new way now. They really can be our personal liahonas.
During the funeral of Sister Monson, Eyring quoted President Monson saying "memories provide the June roses of the Decembers of our lives." I love that. Whenever I get sad or down or tired, I just think about all the wonderful people and memories I have at home and school and know that I can do this. I love you all so much! I miss you all even more than you probably imagine!
Can someone in the family please print out a few photos and give them to Grammy? Thanks! I told her I would send her a few, but we don't have a photo printer here! Also, I am really worried I am getting fat so everyone please send me workouts especially insanity workouts.

Hermana Fischetti

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  1. She is so great! Thanks for letting us take the journey with her!!!