"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Isaiah 52:7

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First week down!

Hola mis familias y mis amigos. I have finished my first week in the MTC. The first part of the week was pretty rough. They just kind of throw you into it and you just have to deal. Everything was Spanish, which was overwhelming! By Saturday, I was like why the quan am I here, I just want to sleep in and watch some TV.  But then Sunday came, everyone always says make it to Sunday and it is so so true. It was the best day. I seriously felt the Spirit all day and just had so much time to study my scriptures. Then we went to the temple to hang out on the grass, I took a nap and it was just so great. Our district is awesome also. My companion's name is Hermana Piggott and she is so awesome! She is from Provo and just turned 19. We get along so well and we both help each other a lot- I help her with Spanish, and she helps me stay obedient. It is so great. So on Friday night, we started teaching lessons in Spanish. It was so stressful, but it is amazing how much came back to me. We taught our investigator, Armando, about prayer.  So they use fake investigators, they are just teachers at the MTC- anyways, so Armando was a student I TA'd last semester. funny right??  The first couple of lessons were rough because we don't speak Spanish very well.  But then our last lesson, which was yesterday, was AMAZING.  Seriously, Hermana Piggott and I straight killed it.  Our Spanish was so much better and we taught about Joseph Smith and the doctrine of Christ. When I taught about the Atonement, I have never felt the spirit so strong in my whole life.  It was like my heart was just on fire, it felt amazing. The Atonement is such a beautiful thing and it's the most important thing we can teach because without it, we have no hope for a life after this.

Anyways, my district is super fun. everyone is super obedient which can at times be exhausting - but it is good for me.  One Elder, Elder Miller, is really funny and goofy so it keeps everything light. We talked about Game of Thrones, LOTR and Zombie Apocalypse for like 2 hours yesterday.  It was great.  We all have a lot of fun together.  One morning, I woke up, forgot where I was, and nailed my head on the wall. I was so dizzy all day after that. lol

Last night, we had a devotional from a member of the 70. I forget his name, but it was incredible. He talked about the doctrine of Christ mostly, but at the beginning he said "you are not alone. those that are with us are more than with them." I sort of started crying, I could just feel the love of my Heavenly Father so strongly, but also the love of those that have passed to the other side so much. Like I could just feel Grandpa and Uncle Bob and even Scott just cheering me on, telling me I can do this. It gave me so much hope as I do this great work.

Everyone please write me more letters. I get the least amount out of my district and it is not okay. Write me on dearelder.com or please send me handwritten letters.

Today is p-day (preparation day).  Last night was like Christmas Eve getting ready to email. I exercise every day now so basically I'm super shredded. I am very afraid of gaining weight, but I haven't yet. woohoooo. We are going to do a session at the temple today at like 3:20 so that is great!  And also we are going to nap outside and work on our tans.

I am pretty much fluent at Spanish already... lol JKKKK It is so hard but also really good. I love learning Spanish, it is so fun.

One funny thing that happened this week. We are only supposed to go on email on p-day, and no Google or Youtube or regular music ever.  Anyways, Hermana and I are studying on the computers with this language program, and all the sudden 4 Elders come in like yelling, slam the door shut, start throwing chairs and it was a ruckus. Then they get on the computer, start playing Macklemore and are on Facebook and doing crazy stuff. Seriously crazy. Hermana and I were like SO freaked out and so scared. We are so innocent lol. We laughed after it but it was actually frightening, I can't even explain why, but it just goes to show how awkward and weird I am going to be when I get home.

Also, if someone could please stay on top of sending me news updates I would appreciate it because for some reason outside rumors are crazy here. Like someone said yesterday that Obama is being impeached, Americans blew up an Arab embassy in the US and all this other stuff... I don't think it is real so I need some reality, thanks!!!

Here are a couple of pictures from this week.

Love everyone so much!!!!  I am so happy and this work is so great!!

Reppin BYU Lax for lyfe Gray, Mike, Nicky write me!


p.s. I'll email around this time (930-1030 mst) every week I am here so get on and chat with me!

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